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By AnotherMe
A photographer captured a strange light on Apparition Hill in Medjugorje during one of Ivan's latest Apparitions of The Virgin Mary. Many Pilgrims have seen it as well. You can read the exciting article here: ... tion-hill/

Perhaps this "strange light" in the sky is a forerunner of things to come? Perhaps it's a sign that the permanent sign is on it's way? I have often wondered if the permanent sign had something to do what we as humans might consider a "ufo."
I can't help but think of the Star of Bethlehem when contemplating this "strange light."
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By bluecross
It fooled me at first, I even posted the story on my blog for a short while, but I took another look at the images and would be confident in saying there is nothing supernatural about the images.

Once again, it just shows how easy it is to get sucked in to the “phenomena” of Medjugorje that really isn’t anything unusual – even cynical old me!

I should have listened to my own advice. If it proves to be a distraction then check again.

Although the story broke late last night, it will now take precedence over Our Lady’s messages, the one given on Friday night, and the message given to Marija for the world this evening.

Personally I think the photographer is sincere in believing he may have captured something unusual, but I’m sure he hasn’t.

I hope to be in Medjugorje for the Youth Festival and I shall see, if I have time, if I can replicate the effect.

I shall give some more thought to this tomorrow. I’ve already checked the photos. Unfortunately, they are not hi-res but it doesn’t matter, as there has been no manipulation to the images.

Got you guessing? I may post here or on my blog about what has happened to achieve the effect.
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By TimHaley
When we were last in Medjugorje, we saw Gypsies selling toy helicopters that would light up at night to children who would launch them up and down multiple times. I found this to be a distraction and inappropriate to be selling such toy trinkets in a holy place. I have to wonder if these toys might be what was photographed.
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By bluecross
I’m getting feedback on this, so I may have to revisit the images and take yet another look.

Isn’t Sean in Medjugorje this week? If he is, he may come up with some information or answers.

I also know of others in Medjugorje this week, from my home town, so I’ll check with them when they get back next week.
By leo daly
I agree with bluecross, I don't believe the photos have been doctored (or nursed). It's position is not relative to the camera angle, so I don't think it is a light from the camera. I don't mean flash, but my video camera has an LED for night time which comes on constantly, I thought it could be a similar light, but the relationship to the centre is not constant. Interestingly, there are 2 tiny lights to the left and below it which remain at a constant angle to the big light. Interestingly also in 1,2,3,5,7,8 there are 2 faint lights to the right and above it which also remain at a fairly constant angle. A few of those images also have a 3rd light which is fainter.
My living room faces North and I am on a flight path to Mascot Airport, I am used to seeing planes coming into land, the light is very different, particularly as it is missing the Port and Starboard lights. No airport is close enough to Medjugorje to have lights at those angles, even if a pilot was suicidal, the change in altitude also rules that out. Ditto for why the light is not the moon behind the clouds.
I await Bluecross's verdict.
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By larc_en_ciel
I don't mind about the light in the center, but the 4 lghts who are standing on the right and left side of the sky. It's not the first time I see those lights taken from Medjugorie pictures. It happened before. But i can't find the piccies anymore.
They are posted somewhere here
But I don't speak Spanish, try typing "Medjugorie lights" and you'll find a world.
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By Gael
I think this one is much more striking & very beautiful whether or not there is an explanation for it! (posted yesterday by Medjugorje Today)

By Brahms&Liszt
When i was in Medjugorje in August 1999 I was walking up Cross mountain with a young chap (now a priest)and we witnessed what appeared to be a star appear above the Church grow larger over a few minutes then gradually disappear again. I am not saying this as evidence for this picture yesterday, but in truth that is what I saw. It was about 10:30 -11 pm.
God Bless
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By bluecross
Meanwhile, back to the strange light pictures on Apparition Hill...

If you have access to these images via the link posted earlier on this thread, the take a look at the light again.

Then look to the left of the light, just below the 9 o’clock position and you will see two faint marks. These are light sources, but very faint.

These two marks appear on every picture and always in the same position and distance relative to the light spot we are referring to. So now we know that these three light sources are fixed and connected with each other. This is the giveaway that the light source is not coming from the hill but closer to the position of the camera. Another clue to this is that the intensity of the main light never changes, the size does, but that’s relative to the position of the camera lens moving in and out, up and down. But the main light intensity never changes because it is in a fixed position.
By Louis
Medjugorje is a place where a 'supernatural' event is taking place - the apparitions of Our Lady. Any other phenomena, like this light, is of secondary importance. It is reasonable to expect heavenly lights in a place where the Queen of peace appears often. I cannot understand Bluecross complex analysis of this simple light...It is a great grace that Mary Immaculate is appearing there, period.
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By bluecross
Might this light (if continued showing up), serve as a "Star of Bethlehem" to bring on the Permanent Sign or even the Second Coming Of Christ?
No, because it’s not a light hovering over Apparition Hill as you probably assume it to be.

Christ the Light comes every day to those who open the door for him. No need to wait for any Second Coming, or even a light or permanent sign on Apparition Hill. Christ’s call is for now. So is the call from Our Blessed Mother. That’s what she’s been doing from Medjugorje for these past 32 years.

Keep looking for signs and you may miss the most obvious. Jesus Christ is alive. He is the sign of the times. But that doesn’t seem enough for some people. They want more proof, more signs, more lights, more apparitions, more spinning suns, more sweets. Why?

Many of the Jews had this problem – still do. They couldn’t accept Jesus was the Messiah, that he was all the prophets had proclaimed. They kept asking for signs and proof. And what did Jesus say to them when they kept asking for signs?
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By bluecross
I cannot understand Bluecross complex analysis of this simple light...It is a great grace that Mary Immaculate is appearing there, period.
Of course it’s a great grace that Our Lady is appearing at Medjugorje. I’m not making a complex analysis of why Our Lady is appearing at Medjugorje, not even questioning why she comes.

And you’re right about the simple light, it is just that – a simple light source – but do you know the source?

Good to see Timberhollow back as cheerleader. 8)
By Louis
BlueC - I was referring to your explanation on this light , not about Mary...
I for one, don't care about cloud formations that look like angels or lights.
The real "fireworks" will take place when the 10 secrets unfold - anything previous to that is just trivial. The permanent sign will certainly be tremendous.
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By bluecross
Bless you Lois, I did understand that.

I guess we are all in the waiting room as far as the secrets are concerned.

But it’s no secret as to what camera and lens the photographer was using to take his images. I now have the complete technical specification on all the images, which is a big plus in reaching my “verdict”, as Leo puts it, on what the real deal is as regards the “mystery light”. 8)
By leo daly
"I think this one is much more striking & very beautiful whether or not there is an explanation for it! (posted yesterday by Medjugorje Today)"

I almost said "Time for teletubbies" but there is no baby in the middle of the sun and the sun is in the West. Beautiful photo though. Is that the Holy Spirit (tongue of fire) settling on MaryTV.

Seriously though, after re reading the article, the following caught my attention "For 2 minutes 39 seconds in the evening of May 24, locals and pilgrims saw a bright light hovering over Apparition Hill. Surely this means they saw it before the photo was developed. Admittedly, I am a bit of a sceptic of MT at times.

I am stumped. Bluecross is obviously on the trail, so I'll just be patient. I'm not a great expert on photography.

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By bluecross
It is reported that people saw a bright light over the hill (no names, no identities)...

...therefore light in picture is the same light people claim to have seen.

Logic is flawed with this statement.

I’m not denying that people may have seen a bright light over hill, but it doesn’t have to be the same light shown on the images.

We all know how rumour can distort along the chain. One person may translate into many people. Medjugorje is always rife with rumours and exaggerated stories. That’s why we should keep asking the questions.

A Vatican commission has sat studying the Medjugorje phenomenon for the past three years with a couple of dozen people asking questions to try and ascertain the facts of the phenomenon. It has to be done to separate the facts from fantasy.
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