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By Stephen Ryan

Medjugorje - "The Great Prophecy" is unfolding

The great prophecy from Medjugorje occurred on November 1, 1981, six months after Bulgarian assassin Mehmet Ali Ağca’s failed attempt to kill Pope John Paul II in St. Peter’s Square. Historians have concluded that Agca was assisted by the Soviet Union’s secret police.

In 1981, the Soviet Union was still very much an atheist state – at war with faith and Christianity – the Pope was a real threat to the totalitarian regime - and so with this in mind, it is incredible to consider that the Virgin Mary, on November 1, 1981, told the six young Medjugorje visionaries that “Russia will come to glorify God the most, the West has made civilization progress, but act as if they are their own creator” It is very critical to understand these precise words, as we fast forward a few decades to 2013. Today we see both President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dimity Medvedev, attending church regularly. They are both devout Russian Orthodox Christians who are often seen in public venerating the Virgin Mary and kissing blessed Icons of the Madonna. The startling spiritual revival in Russia is taking place at a time when a crisis of faith, precipitated by the clerical sex abuse catastrophe, is enveloping Christianity, both in Europe and the in the United States. ... unfolding/
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"Medjugorje is the continuation and fulfillment of Fatima"

at Fatima "Russia will error" - This was followed by the rise of Atheist Communism and the epic chastisement of WWII
at Medjugorje - "Russia will come to glorify God the most..." This prophecy we see becoming fulfilled today.

Media around the world including conservative religious magazines find themselves at a loss for words looking to describe the utterly unthinkable transformation of Russian society.

This same Catholic media rejects Medjugorje. It is urgent that it be made known that Medjugorje predicted the impossible rise of spirituality in Russia. (by the way Russia just passed a new very restrictive law against abortion) Catholic media need to become aware that Medjugorje provides the answer to explain the culture and spiritual changes in Russia - that Our Lady said this would all happen.

The Queen of Peace "Russia will come to glorify God the most..."
This is the "Great Prophecy" of Medjugorje, and the prophecy of our times.

Spirit Digest is linking to the article ... unfolding/

Merry Christmas
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Medjugorje is the continuation and fulfillment of Fatima

There will never be certainties about Medjugorje (aside from the approval status)
Look at Fatima... Was the consecration of Russia ever accomplished?
Many think it was done by JPII in 1984 .. but there are thousands of activist good Catholics who do not think the Consecration of Russia was done correctly. The "error" Russia committed was not understood until years after the Soviet Union came to power.

There are thousands of Catholics who think the Church has not fully disclosed the true nature of Fatima's third secret.

The ONLY person saying in 1981 (2011 for that matter) that Russia would experience a religious revival was the Blessed Mother at Medhugorje .
Why should I not believe the events in Russia are genuine and are part of the Medjugorje phenomenon.
To not see Russia as part of Medjugorje is to not see that Medjugorje is the fulfillment of Fatima.
They must be connected.
To Blue...

Fatima is ALL about Russia.. Russia would error, a consecration was called for. I don't no why Russia was singled out at Fatima - nobody does except perhaps the Catholic Church. But Russia was singled out. Fatima IS about the conversion of Russia.

Read this from a great friend of JPII and Medjugorje Bisop hnlinca ... nilica.htm

JPII said this "Paul, in these three months I have come to understand that the only solution to all the problems of the world, the deliverance from war, the deliverance from atheism, and from the defection from God, is the conversion of Russia. The conversion of Russia is the content and meaning of the message of Fatima. Not until then will the triumph of Mary come.:"
let me repeat this about the Triumph -
Not until then (the conversion of Russia) will the triumph of Mary come.:"

ONly Russia is mentioned at Fatima .. only Russia is mentioned at Medjugorje...

The ONLY SPECIFIC place mentioned in ALL the Medjugorje messages is FATIMA. The visionaries have confirmed this. It is the only apparition Our Lady of medjugorje has spoken of. It is impossible to look at Medjugorje without looking at Fatima. This has been clearly made known.
Russia IS to be singled out.. I dont know why. But it is just a fact and is very important.

I do know that Russians have Our Lady in their heart. One of the visionaries once said after visiting Russia something to the effect that Westerners want signs and miracles and wonders from Our Lady. Russians want a miracle of the heart. They want the Holy spirit not signs,,

Medjugorje - "The Great Prophecy" Is Unfolding ... Itemid=214
I agree, however would say this differently: Medjugorje IS the third secret of Fatima, and Russia IS in a key-role to save the world, including Jamaica and Scotland, even the Faroe Isles .

ActionReq wrote:I agree, however would say this differently: Medjugorje IS the third secret of Fatima, and Russia IS in a key-role to save the world, including Jamaica and Scotland, even the Faroe Isles .

To Kim...

The second secret at Fatima had to do with Russia.. Why Russia was singled out is a great mystery. But the Church authenticated this fact. The Catholic Church accepts the fact that the Blessed Mother directly spoke of Russia ..

Now at Medjugorje (not approved of course) again we have Our Lady speaking of Russia. and no other country...Extraordinarily the Queen of Peace said "Russia will come to glorify God the most".. the west on the other hand will turn away from God.

The visionary Mirjana has specifically spoken that Medjugorje is the fulfillment and continuation of Medjugorje.

Why Russia matters - only God knows ... But Russia is very important if we accept Fatima and are discerning Medjugorje.

I do know that the Russian "brand" of Christianity has a strong devotion to the Virgin Mary.

I personally believe this is where the beginning of the "Triumph" of Mary's heart will come from. The Queen of Peace at Medjugorje has said so much.
Russia’s Population Growing After Countrywide Prayer to the Virgin Mary, USA Plunges

Today’s Headlines on Google news on USA population:
US population growth slows to lowest rate in more than 70 years ... sus-bureau

In November of this year it was reported that Russia had it first growth in population since the collapse of Soviet Union.
This happened only year after Vladamir Putin welcomed Virgin Mary relic to Russia to help boost fertility . ... a-plunges/

I become encouraged when our President recognizes their need for God. Both Reagan and the younger Bush come to mind, and whether one would agree with their decisions or not, the importance of faith in their lives gives me hope that God will play some role when they make decisions that affect the world .

Obama sadly gives me no confidence here, and given the times we are in, it frightens me where the US is going. I fear we (those of us in the US) have lost our moral compass. This article does nothing to change that.

The encouragement I have is of those of us who pursue our faith and continue to pray, especially those of you here in this forum. We just need a whole lot more of it.

One side note about Reagan. In 1980, when he gave his acceptance speech at the Republican convention, he did something that still moves me to this day. At the end of his speech, he stopped and asked for a moment of prayer, and you could tell he had given that a lot of thought because his voice started breaking up as he asked for this. The place went from a raucous crowd to silence. We could use more of that today.
here's an interesting factoid: video games used to target Germany & Japan as the villains;

During the past 15 years, the video games (90%+ originated in the USA) target UFOs,
patriotic americans who go loony trying to upset the good (liberal) americans; when
soldiers of a particular country are portrayed as villains, the most usual country
(chosen by Hollywood) is Russia;

also; when Russia is portrayed as being in a civil war of its own, the "good guys" are
the liberals and the "bad guys" are conservative Russians like Putin who are portrayed as warmongers.
Cf. the "Battlefield" series of games.

Hollywood has done a 180 degree turn on its view of Russia; when it was communist, it seems
that Russia was one of the "good" countries. Now that they have banned the communist party
and are coming back to God,
Hollywood portrays them as evil. Check out "Gamestop" and some of the war game descriptions.

One more anecdote: There are a groups of folks living in the LA area, who work in Hollywood & get together
in CA and participate in paintball games & tournaments. The "good guys" always take the side of Israel. For the past 5 years,
the "bad guys" have always been proclaimed the "Russian" team. I read this years ago in the LA Times.

I think everyone here is on the side of Israel. If I played paintball I would want to be on the side of Israel.
but with Al Quaeda being such a threat to peace, & gobbling up
middle east countries, I would think
that these Hollywood folks would leave Russia alone & pick on the real enemies of Israel that
seem to be so obvious.
Steve said "Only Russia is mentioned at Fatima .. only Russia is mentioned at Medjugorje... "

I disagree. (1) When she showed the Fatima children hell, she said that this is where the souls of poor sinners go. I find it hard to believe only Russians go to hell. If that is true, I will celebrate. I'll kill all the people I hate as being a non Russian has guaranteed me a place in Heaven. Reminds me of the protestants who say that they'll definitely go to heaven for choosing Jesus as their saviour.
(2) August 2, 1984 "Dear children! Today I am joyful and I thank you for your prayers. Pray still more these days for the conversion
of sinners. Thank you for having responded to my call." I am sure not just Russians are sinners.
Perhaps "Russia" is just a symbol for an atheist government, i.e. One that does not recognize God in the affairs of culture and society.
Leo, I am not sure I understand what you are saying...The Russian people have a special devotion for Our Lady...AT Fatima The Virgin Mary said Russia would "error". Russia did with atheist communism and the direct persecution against Christianity.. At Medjugorje Our Lady said "Russia will come to glorify God the most; the west has made civilization progress but with out God..."
Russia has a very "Marian" form of Christianity.

What I said was Russia connects Fatima with Medjugorje which is why I pay attention to events in Russia . AT the Sochi Olympic we will see a lot of interesting things with respect to east vs west..God vs a secular society
I am going to put in a plug for Marian devotion in the U.S.A. by way of a statistic I saw in my diocesan paper. According to a list compiled by Mark M. Gray, CARA researcher there are references to Mary that appear in more than 20% of the 20,150 Catholic places of worship in the United States including parishes, cathedrals, basilicas, missions and chapels. The top ten most common names of places of Catholic worship are #1 references to Mary as Mary, Maria, Queen, Mother, Lady or Notre Dame #2 Joseph #3 John #4 Sacred Heart #5 Paul #6 Peter #7 Patrick #8 Francis #9 Immaculate Conception and #10 Christ We know that we have fallen and fallen far. The messages to Sister Mildred Neuzil from Our Lady of America make me cringe because Our Lady had really high hopes for U.S. Catholics to lead the way in purity especially the messages Our Lady gave to Sister Mildred in 1956-1957.
Here is an excerpt from Ivan's talk in Seattle, WA Oct. 29 1997
...It is very hard to describe to you the love that our Lady has for each one of us, but I want to tell you that she puts each one of us in her maternal heart. For all of these 15 years, the messages she has been giving to us she has given for the whole world. There is no special message for any special country. No special message for America or Croatia or any particular country. No. All of the messages are for the entire world and every message always begins, "My Dear Children" because she is our Mother, because she loves us so, she needs us so, and we are all important to her. With our Lady, no one is rejected. She calls us all the same - to end sin and to open our hearts to the peace that will bring us to God. The peace that God wants to give us and the peace that our Lady is bringing to us this past 15 years is a great gift to all of us. For that kind of gift of peace we must open ourselves each day and pray each day as individuals and as a community - especially today when so many crises are present in this world. There is crisis in the family, among the young people, the youth, and even in the Church. The biggest crisis today is the crisis of faith in God. People have gone astray from God because our families have gone astray from God. That is why our Lady in her messages says, "Dear Children, put God in first place in your life; then put your family in the second place." Our Lady is not expecting us to know more of what someone else is doing, but she expects and likes us to open the door of our own heart and do what we are capable of doing. She is not teaching us to point our fingers to someone else and say what they are doing or not doing but she does ask us to pray for others....
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