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By johntt
If you are unable to view the MaryTV page, I copy here what it contains. I find it a very interesting letter from Denis Nolan!

Dear Mary TV Family!

Mary Kemper recently sent me this email:

“Hi! Not to get too excited about this, but I had time to listen to Marija’s testimony from Oct. 24th and at the 1:27 (one hour and 27 minute marker) the translator said something to the effect that Marija said that she believed this year the triumph of the Immaculate Heart will happen. I probably didn’t hear that correctly, but I am wondering what you think? I have followed along with these apparitions from at least 1988 to some extent and am about the same age as the visionaries. Wow after all this time and when it seems like endless gloom then to think that the triumph will happen this year……………………………………………. Please listen and tell me what you think. No doubt that I am probably reading way more into the remark than what was intended. But shouldn’t that remark be highlighted or commented on or should we let it pass so as not to give people false hope. I would love to hear what your remarks are about that.

Thank you so much for your vital broadcasts.
Mary Kemper”

Thank you, Mary, for raising this question. Marija actually did say that!

You can hear her comment at the 1:27 (one hour and 27 minute marker) into this video:

Our English translator’s words were confirmed by friends fluent in Italian, English and Croatian sitting close to Marija in St. Stephens Cathedral on October 24th.

I don’t think you can get too excited about it.

More than a quarter of a century ago Our Lady told us through her message to Marija:“My plan has begun to be realized!” She concluded that August 25, 1991 message (referred to by Marija in her talk in Vienna) “Let us pray that everything I have begun be fully realized!”*
No wonder four years earlier Satan had offered to give back to God the rest of the world in exchange for Medjugorje!!!
He’s terrified.
Twenty years ago Our Lady told us: “THIS TIME IS MY TIME!”

You better believe I think Marija meant to tell us exactly that, though she didn’t say that Our Lady told her that, and I don’t think she necessarily meant by December 31, 2017

With heaven fighting for us how can it not happen?
Denis Nolan
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By bluecross
In the end... Our Lady’s heart triumphs each and every day when anyone turns to God and repents of their sins...

So in this sense Marija is correct in her belief when she said: “I believe that this year the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph.”

But for anyone who believes that this statement indicates that the whole world will turn to God this year, and there will be a lasting world peace, then they are in for a disappointment. And if Marija believes this as well, then she also will be seen to be mistaken.

Regrettably her statement could turn out to be be just another opportunity for opponents of Medjugorje to twirl the statement to try and discredit the claims of the visionaries, and also back the Pope’s belief that the ongoing phenomenon “is not the mother of Jesus” and “these supposed apparitions don’t have much value”.

I hope Marija will be given the opportunity to clarify her statement, possibly when she next speaks with Fr Livio on Radio Maria later this month.
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By chere-gospa
Here is what Marija said (source : Mary-TV) :

As Our Lady said : "God has allowed me to be among you", and we would like to thank Our Lady for her presence in Medjugorje. She is still with us. And we would like to say thank you to Our Lady for being with us, and to thank her for not leaving us. She has allowed us to be close to her, and that she allowed us to fall in love with her, and that she brought us to her son because she has the most love for her son. She always speaks about her son. She brings us Jesus. She is carrying him, and that is what we will do as well (they were going to have the Eucharist at Mass after the recitation of the Rosary). When we all love the son, at that point the world changes and then peace will reign. And I believe that this year, the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph. Our Lady said to us that she will not leave us alone.
By Medjugorjeprayers
I haven't yet taken the time to listen to the interview but you may be correct BC, or, it is possible that the world as we know it may become radically different soon in a good way... This is what I pray for, this is what we are all praying for!! I know in my little part of the world there have been some signs and wonders, some not so good such as the earthquakes and hurricanes, and some more pleasant such as the recent massive solar halo that occurred in the sky above our church just after Father gave his homily on the return of Jesus! Here's an audio of father's homily - ... n%20OT.mp3

So yes, with the way things are going right now, It wouldn't surprise me at all if something wonderful occurs.... I really don't think Marija cares what people think about her, as she is just following her heart which has been shaped by Our Lady's words to her...
Massive sun halo and multiple rainbows over church after homily on jesus  return mj post.jpg
Massive sun halo and multiple rainbows over church after homily on jesus return mj post.jpg (211.91 KiB) Viewed 5298 times
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By ActionReq
I think I said this before, but I wonder
if the day that the apparition says that
the secrets will unfold in ten days, then
I wonder how big the faith will be to
tell the world, and how high the
pressure to not tell because who knows
nothing will happen and then end up
Harold Camping, Joe Lomangino or David
The whole village future will seem to
depend on silencing Mirjana.
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By bluecross
If Marija is of the belief that this year the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart will be fulfilled in every heart throughout the world, and it doesn’t happen, then surely she leaves herself open to doubt on other claims she makes about Our Lady.

Had she said ‘soon’ instead of ‘this year’ then her comment could be taken in context with the claim the visionaries made in the early days of the phenomenon –– that Our Lady would ‘soon’ leave a permanent sign. We are still waiting for this permanent sign.

I’m beginning to sense that Pope Francis will not condemn the visionaries and that he may be of the opinion that if the visionaries continue to make claims that don’t manifest, then they will simply condemn themselves.

I always felt that the real pressure was on Mirjana to make good her claims about the timing and announcement of the so-called ‘secrets’.

So if Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart is set to triumph through the world before the end of the year, then where does the announcement and timing of the ‘secrets’ fit into this schedule. Marija is party to the ‘secrets’, although I am not sure if she knows the timing when the events will occur.

So between now and December 31st, can we expect the announcement of all 10 secrets AND the news that Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart has triumphed throughout the world?
By Medjugorjeprayers
I think we need to hear from Marija and her explanation to her meaning before we speculate too much here... however,

I just talked to a friend who thinks Mary's immaculate Heart will Triumph this year (not necessarily the end of this calendar year but within a years time) when the Church gives some type of approval to the apparitions in Medjugorje... i.e. Shrine status ....

I thought that made a lot of sense as this would lift the restrictions now in place on parishes (at least in the US) from promoting and setting up pilgrimages or other activities regarding Medjugorje... This approval as you have stated BC, could open up the floodgates.. IF this happens, no wonder the Church is taking so long as they need time to prepare for the increased numbers that will come pouring in.... So much guessing....

A lot to think about for sure!
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By johntt
bluecross wrote: So between now and December 31st, can we expect the announcement of all 10 secrets AND the news that Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart has triumphed throughout the world?
I certainly am intrigued by Marija's comment and hope it may somehow be clarified in the weeks ahead. For me, the Triumph could well come through the Warning of Garabandal because it is that worldwide event that will undermine Satan's power. I have not been one to associate Medjugorje's secrets with the Garabandal events and so I see no problem in all the secrets taking place after the Warning.

I have seen nothing from Marija or Mirjana that makes me skeptical of what they say. I think we just have to remain open in our understanding of everything so that we allow the Holy Spirit to enlighten us.
By thebpman
Marija has known the date from the beginning.
What in the blue blazes makes you think that the nothing will happen after the ten days notice is given. We've been waiting for this since I was ten years old. It's bloody overdue if you ask me. And it is absolutely awesome. I'm sure though that Marija is talking from her own veiw and that there is an explanation as to why she mentioned it when she, I thought , already knows the date.
I'm going out to look at rain and count lighting strikes and ponder what I have to do to prepare for that beautiful day.
Have a good one!!!
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By bluecross
Maybe Marija was recalling Archbishop Hoser's hopeful words and think they may lead to some announcement(?) : He said “every indication” is that the apparitions will be approved, even as early as this year.
You make a good point, Maryann. Jesus gave his Mother to the Church (the disciple whom he loved) from the cross. When the Church, accepts the Mother, as John made a place for her in his home (his heart), not only is it the desire of Jesus but also the desire of Mary as well. Taking Mary into our home, our heart, is also accepting everything that Mary offers us from her own heart which is one with the heart of Jesus... the Two Hearts, the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

When the Immaculate Heart of Mary enters our heart in triumph it is because she brings with her the Sacred Heart of Jesus as well.

If and when the Church accepts the first phase of the apparitions, then this can be considered a triumph of the Immaculate Heart. But Pope Francis has also cautioned and expressed personal doubt that the ongoing messages are not from the mother of Jesus.

Acceptance of the first phase does not mean that we need to be bound to all that attaches itself to the phenomenon, hence all the talk about pastoral guidance and support for pilgrims. Encircling every oasis is the desert and it was in the desert that Satan tagged onto Jesus and tried to tempt and corrupt him.
By Medjugorjeprayers
MaryanneLucy, are you my friend who told me this about church approval tying into Marija's comment, but have an Internet name I don't recognize, or did you and my friend come up with this at the same time? Thanks.
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By maryannlucy
Medjugorjeprayers, Your comment about your friend helped me remember Archbishop Hoser's interview from earlier in the year. By the way, I absolutely love your photos of Colorado. I lived there for eight years of my life and the scenery of Colorado is probably as close to heaven as we will see on earth. Mother Cabrini Shrine and all of the wonderful hikes and trails. We love Colorado!
By Medjugorjeprayers
Thanks for the reply! Yes I agree it is beautiful here... Easy to appreciate God's beautiful creation for us... I just wanted to make sure I wasn't invisible here as it can sometimes appear... I like the fact that both you and my friend are thinking this way... It would be wonderful to receive any kind of official Church approval as I know many priests who would like to share more about Medjugorje are uncomfortable doing so in order to remain obedient to their order and the Church.... It would be a blessing to free this restriction up and let the full impact and grace of Medjugorje be upon all the parishes and faithful, and the non faithful as well...
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By Prodigals
". . . the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph". Without defining the specific conditions that validate the triumph, this statement is too vague to have any real meaning.

Is there only one triumph? Or can there be several individual triumphs on different levels? If so, one of them can happen as BC has said anytime any unbeliever turns to God and repents of their sins. That's a genuine triumph. But is it the one Mirija is thinking of in her statement?

Or is the triumph something larger in scope? The Vatican confirming the apparitions? The whole world returning to God enmasse? Complete world peace? The final defeat of satan? The Permanent Sign?

Without further explanation from Mirija, all her statement does is open the floodgates of our speculation.
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By bluecross
Prodigals: You make the point very well.

MP: Colorado...:)

I spent a week in Colorado Springs back in 1986. The England national soccer team had a training camp there to acclimatise prior to the World Cup Finals in Mexico. I was sent to photograph the team for a promotional campaign connected to a UK Olympic bid. Nearly died on Pike’s Peak and gave up smoking after that experience. However, the highlight of my trip was to drive to the USA Olympic centre in Colorado one evening and watch the US Olympic basketball team in action. :)
By Medjugorjeprayers
BC, That is something that I have never done before, drive up to the top of Pikes Peak.... The elevation is near 14k on top so I'm sure you were feeling it especially if you are from sea level...So glad you didn't die and survived to tell your story! Sounds like an exciting trip to see the olympic teams training and your photography assignment...
By SaintMark
I personally think that she is saying that when we all fall in love with Jesus as much as Our Lady loves him, that is when her Immaculate Heart will Triumph. The year that we all love Jesus this much, this is the year that her heart will triumph. But I could be wrong.
By Medjugorjeprayers
SaintMark, I believe you!

Dear Father in Heaven, help me/us learn to love You and Your Son Jesus more, to love our neighbor, those who cause harm to us, who don't believe, who suffer, and those who seek but do not find.... Help us to be a better example to those who are lost so that they can see and feel Your healing light shining through us... Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!
By thebpman
Saint Mark. I think you may be right too. It seems a little out of step for her to be giving a rough date for the Triumph. I would really like to know directly from her what she meant. I very much wish though that she was saying that it would be this year. The last 24 hours I have had the stress of general worries of life relieved. Like what will the future hold for my kids, how will I pay this bill or that. But back to normal now that I have a reasonable explanation, oh well. I so very much wish that she was giving a rough date though.
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By johntt
Yes, I too agree with StMark in this. The sentence that the MaryTV text present us with seems to not really 'follow on' from what Marija had been saying.

So a slightly different 'presentation' of what Marija had said might be:

When we all love the son, at that point the world changes and then peace will reign and I believe that it is in this year that the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph.
By SaintMark
I listened to it also and in the context of what she was saying before this, it seems to me she was defining what the triumph of Our Lady's heart means. I personally believe all 10 secrets will have to be realized before her heart will triumph, and I don't think they will all happen in a year's time. I also wish it would happen this year, and it still may, but I don't think she intended to give us a timeframe. Maybe when her heart triumphs, the peace I experienced in Medjugorje will be felt everywhere and I won't long so deeply to be back there all the time.
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By Prodigals
Its all about the pronoun, folks.

When Marija says "this year", the pronoun "this" is gramatically pointing to the previous sentence.

So what she is saying is that in the year (whichever one it is) that we all finally love Her Son (and because of it the world changes and peace reigns), it is in this year (still in the future) that Mary's heart will triumph.

Message, 25. June 2020 “Dear children! I am […]