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Interesting article put out today by Buzzfeed, linking a popular Italian website focussing on Medjugorje to a raft of fake news sites having a political agenda.
One Of The Biggest Alternative Media Networks In Italy Is Spreading Anti-Immigrant News And Misinformation On Facebook… The network sheds light on the overlap between the fringe underbelly of the Catholic world, Italy’s nationalist movements, and for-profit clickbait. ... .puM7yznZR
I just sent Michael brown this

Hi Michael,

The buzzfeed article below is a bit long and somewhat complex but the long and the short of it is that BuzzFeed is attempting to encourage Facebook to punish a Catholic Web publisher based in Italy who is basically a competitor of Buzzfeed. The Italian news publisher has many different sites.
What Buzzfeed is doing is claiming the news organization publishes "alt right/ nationalist fake news and alludes to sinister Catholic connections. What caught my attention was their criticism of a website called "La Luce Di Maria" a very Marian/pro-Medjugorje site. I go to their often looking for stories. The fact that this online Magazine publishes Medjugorje news according to Buzzfeed makes them a "Fake" news organization.

As I said I believe the entire hit piece is directed at Facebook to encourage Facebook to punish a competitor a competitor with ties to "Catholic" organization and money.

If you have some time I would be interested in what you think.

I find this Buzzfeed article to be highly disturbing and window into a future where the Catholic Church and organization that report Catholic news will be marginalized and ... n-italy-is

A competitor, possibly, but its websites are targeted at Italians...

Some truth in pointing to the political agenda...

All politics is about competing and influence. Even the Catholic Church engages in politics and persuasion (diplomacy). As the saying goes: “It takes one to know one.”
The fact that this online Magazine publishes Medjugorje news according to Buzzfeed makes them a "Fake" news organization.
Buzzfeed made connection to the people operating the Meddjugorje website and the same organisation pushing its nationalist political agenda.
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