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Today the papal envoy for Medjugorje, Archbishop Henryk Hoser. confirmed that ‘official’ pilgrimages to Medjugorje (that is at diocesan level) are to be allowed.

Many years ago a local man gave a prophecy that Medjugorje would one day find itself underwater. Today’s announcement will open the flood-gates, long-awaited by the parish.

I just hope there is enough competition among tour companies to keep the prices at a reasonable level.

There is always a surplus of accommodation at Medjugorje except for Easter, the June anniversary and the Youth Festival. Hopefully, the anticipated boom will help the smaller householders to make a bob or two in the future.

Speaking about water... the often heard criticism about Medjugorje not being approved doesn’t wash anymore... with this announcement regarding ‘official’ pilgrimages it is clear that Medugorje is approved. Now the critics will need to be more precise with their language, and if they say that the apparitions are not approved just ask them which apparitions and wait for the silence. :)
BC and others... what do you think about this news or rumor?

Could this be what Marija meant when she said that Mary's Immaculate Heart will Triumph this year... It sure looks that way but need discernment...

With tomorrow being the Feast of the Immaculate Conception... This is very exciting news if it turns out to be true! ... medjugorje
A cautious reminder...

The papal envoy Henryk Hoser also said recently...

“The cult of the place [Medjugorje] does not have to depend on apparitions. We can worship the Mother of God everywhere…”

And from the Code of Canon Law...
Can. 1234 §1. At shrines the means of salvation are to be supplied more abundantly to the faithful by the diligent proclamation of the word of God, the suitable promotion of liturgical life especially through the celebration of the Eucharist and of penance, and the cultivation of approved forms of popular piety.
It will be interesting to see if the local ordinary, bishop Ratko Peric, will make any comment about Hoser’s announcement.
BC... your title on this post doesn't really tell the story here especially for those who don't know what's going on or haven't been keeping up with this... But that's ok... And once again, your conservative approach to all of this is frustrating... But helpful to me... I tend to jump into things too quickly at times and you, IMO, not quick enough... So you help keep me grounded...

But this news is huge... and no matter how much you try and place a lid on this, it has already exploded out the top...... In other words, it is time to enjoy this... as finally, some long awaited good news has come out of all the speculation and rumors.... Things may change with all of this as the dust settles but for now I will rejoice....

In the US, we have a word for this. TOUCH DOWN WITH BOTH HANDS UP!! and in the US and around the world there is another word for this:


Thank you Jesus and Mary!
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It’s good news, that’s for sure, and legitimises Medjugorje in regard to pilgrimages. Now it’s up there with Lourdes and Fatima when it comes to promoting pilgrimages... now we can’t have any priest saying “Medjugorje is not approved” when it comes to pilgrimages.

It’s the act of making pilgrimage that matters, that act of setting out on a journey to find and discover God in our hearts in a new way.

Already I see that some of the tour companies are in very quickly to promote their trips for next year. Now we will see all the other tour companies stepping in to include Medjugorje on their itineraries, especially the tour operators that already have strong links dioceses and organising ‘official’ pilgrimages. Now watch the cost of travel to Medjugorje start rising.

Medjugorje was always pitched at a lower price than travelling to Fatima or Lourdes ever was. I don’t feel that will be the case any more.

Some of the tour companies will now start investing in property, especially hotel accommodation, to ensure that they can maximise on packages. I know of two that already do this. And then there are our friends from Italy. They won’t be slow on seizing on business opportunities. Even now there is the impression that Medjugorje is owned by Italian interests. That’s why the visionaries were so active in promoting the phenomenon in Italy until the Vatican clamped down.

Hope I don’t sound too cynical about this, but I am very pleased that pilgrimages at diocesan level are to be legitimised. Many souls will benefit... many pockets, too. :)

I can’t see myself ever returning there. I made around 35 visits over the years but haven’t been back these past five years, but I would encourage anyone to go and avail of the special graces there. They are life-changing.
Wouldn't you know it, as soon as my wife and I are able to scrimp and save enough money to go to Medjugorje for the first time, it appears we may not have enough money to go. We are planning on going with Wayne Weible in October 2018. I guess we had better get our reservation in sooner rather than later before the cost goes up!

God Bless.
BC, You never know what Our Lady has in store for you or when she may call you again to go back to Medjugorje...

I understand what you are saying thought as I have only gone once for the same reason.... I have always felt it would be hard to go back and see all the development that has taken place.. When I went in 1990, it was still very much in its organic state... very simple with wide open fields and plenty of places to get off by yourself.... Today it is much more crowded for sure....

As far as people making money from Medjugorje, I see nothing wrong with that as long as they are not price gouging....

As far as Medjugorje becoming more expensive, BC and Minnesota Values, it may actually go down a bit with more companies competing... Time will tell...

We can't be selfish and try and keep this place to ourselves... as I sometimes have to fight on my own account... The messages from Our Lady are too important to not share with everyone possible.... and now, it will be open to many more people who once turned a blind eye because it was not officially endorsed by the Church. I can't count the number of Priests that have turned me away because it is not approved.... Hopefully as you say BC, this will help change this but as history tells us, even when the truth is revealed, hearts are stubborn to change....

I also find it very strange that it is so quiet around here with such big news... This is what we have all been waiting for! I think that your title to this post is to blame
Next building project at Medjugorje... a new church!

Forward planning by the parish authorities a few years ago saw them purchase the land that stretches back behind the church, almost as far back as the graveyard.

A few bob or perhaps a loan from the Vatican bank should enable the work to get underway very quickly. :)

And don’t be surprised if a replica of the Risen Christ statue suddenly appears in the Vatican. It has been considered in the past. 8)
Medjugorjeprayers wrote: I also find it very strange that it is so quiet around here with such big news... This is what we have all been waiting for! I think that your title to this post is to blame
I think the reason for that is the source of this news. I think that the news needs to be announced by someone in the Vatican.
Can’t get a better Vatican source than the Pope’s personally appointed special envoy to Medjugorje himself. He represents the Pope. When he speaks, he speaks with the Pope’s authority.

Any official announcement appertaining to the Vatican declaring Medjugorje an ‘official’ shrine and taking over there will come when all the other protocol steps are completed, hence the mention by Hoser of the file on Medjugorje being with the Vatican Secretariat of State It’s his department that is tying up all the diplomatic and political ends. But that is also probably a negotiation process as well, and will take time.

But in the meantime what Pope Francis can do, and probably has done, is give the nod to his special envoy about official pilgrimages. That’s a Church matter that doesn’t have to be negotiated with neighbouring states surrounding Bosnia Herzegovina.

Msgr Hoser has obviously reported back to Pope Francis with his observations and any recommendations and judging from yesterday’s announcement seems happy enough to recognise that, pastorally, Medjugorje fullfils the requirements to be given official status for pilgrimages at diocesan level.

Besides, a precedent is set in Scripture... Isaiah 57 : 14

It shall be said:
Open up, open up, clear the way,
remove all obstacles from the way of my people...

Also, it was only when the bolted stone was rolled away from Christ’s tomb, that the disciples became aware of the Resurrection –– the Risen Christ. How true this is at Medjugorje, a place of resurrection for millions.
Well said BC!

Prodigals, I was referring to this forum as you probably already knew..

It wasn't until I returned from my prayer hike last night from atop a mountain that a friend called me up and told me the news. She was so excited to tell me that she could hardly get the words out.... By this time, it had already gone viral on social media.... I am usually the last to know about these type of events... That's ok.... gives me something to look forward too and allows the dust to settle a bit before I jump aboard...

Hope that answers your question...

On the other question... the person being interviewed in the story is certainly credible and is an official Vatican spokesman, but the validity of the news media organization reporting the story is another question... Not sure about their validity but I'm confident that if they just made this up or twisted the words of Archbishop Henryk Hoser the truth will come out quickly...
Busy evening! :)

A month or so ago the Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Parolin was on a visit to Croatia. He spoke with journalists about Medjugorje and said:

“The Holy See's desire is to help this phenomenon in the pastoral sense, so that believers who come to hear the word of God will be more fruitful to celebrate the sacrament and more strongly to experience faith.”

He added that the emphasis is now on pastoral care in Medjugorje and then if it is okay “the next step would be on that line.”

I don’t doubt that the “next step” was revealed in Msgr Hoser’s announcement yesterday.
I wonder if this latest development in the Medjugorje phenomenon may be as far as Pope Francis is prepared to go in recognising or endorsing the fruits of Medjugorje, apart from, perhaps, the Holy See taking charge of the Medjugorje parish.

Although Pope Francis has mentioned publicly that the majority of the Commission was prepared to accept the first week of the apparitions as reality, will he ever actually make any official declaration on the Commission’s majority vote, or will he let everything remain as it is. Is he under an obligation to do so now that he has opened the door for pilgrimages organised at diocesan level and so encouraging more pilgrims, especially priests, to travel to Medjugorje.

I keep saying, shrine status is not dependent on apparitions, visionaries or messages. Medjugorje has obviously met this criteria for the Pope to open the doors without officially declaring on the apparitions and the messages. I wouldn’t be surprised if he never does, especially when he has expressed his own personal view on the veracity of ongoing apparitions and messages.
My guess is that Pope Francis will 'tolerate' the messages rather than 'accept' or 'promote' the messages.

I'm low key delighted that this progress has been made and that its a positive 'nod of the head' in
respect of Medjugorje.

Its kind of being done in an obtuse way though; saying it's mostly about 'pastoral care'...rather than a direct thumbs up of the phenomenon itself.
Not surprising really as a lot of folk don't like anything out of the ordinary, especially not blatant supernatural things, in fairness its not something 'controllable' or manageable in more ways than one.
The papal envoy seems to use the word 'cult' quite a bit.
A 'Marian' cult and a Christ- centric 'cult.

Do you think he means this word in a positive way because when i hear the word 'cult';
i ascribe very negative attributes to what a cult is. #1. Control, #2. Deception & usually
has 'charismatic' leaders and whatnot.

Actually; i left a group in recent times because i could see it developing cult like features & i could no longer find peace
or pray there without it being really distracting.

What do you think? I find it slightly concerning.
And now:

Henryk Hoser resigns

The papal envoy appointed by Pope Francis to review the pastoral needs of Medjugorje has resigned as bishop of Poland’s Warszawa-Praga diocese.
Archbishop Henryk Hoser made headlines yesterday when he praised Medjugorje and revealed that official pilgrimages were now allowed by the Vatican.
Some have speculated that Hoser will be appointed to oversee Medjugorje in a pastoral role, which could explain his resignation today. He also recently turned 75 years old, the age when Catholic bishops are supposed to resign from pastoral care. Hoser’s 75th birthday was November 27th, incidentally the feast of the Miraculous Medal which also involves apparitions of the Virgin Mary.
The news of Hoser’s resignation was posted in today’s Vatican bulletin and reads as follows:
  • Resignation and succession of bishop of Warszawa-Praga, Poland
    The Holy Father Francis has accepted the resignation from the pastoral care of the diocese of Warszawa-Praga, Poland, presented by H.E. Msgr. Henryk Hoser, S.A.C.
    He is succeeded by H.E. Msgr. Romuald Kamiński, currently coadjutor bishop.
It’s compulsory for bishops to tender their resignation when they reach the age of 75, and it is at the discretion of the Pope if they remain in office. It will be the same for the Mostar bishop as well, and that’s when the Vatican is likely to make the announcement re shrine status for Medjugorje. Pope Francis may have already lined up an adminstrator to oversee the Medjugorje parish. But it’s unlkely he will make any announcement until Ratko Peric submits his resignation.

There is speculation that Henryk Hoser will be his choice, maybe even a Franciscan. My bet is that Marko Semren will figure in the equation somewhere. He is a Franciscan and was appointed as auxilliary bishop of Banja Luka by Pope Benedict XVI back in 2010. Also, it was no coincidence that Semren was the first Franciscan bishop to be appointed in Bosnia Herzegovina for 70 years. Call it forward planning, especially as it was at Benedict’s directive that the Commission (and the one previous) give consideration to shrine status for Medjugorje.

Diary date for the Mostar bishop’s retirement: February 2, 2019, if not before because of any health issues.

I’ll go for Semren as the next bishop of the Mostar-Dvno diocese and probably a previous parish priest at Medjugorje to return as administrator –– Fr Miljenko Šteko, current president of the Conference of European Provincials of the Franciscan Order.
So we have guidelines where we are encouraged to go on pilgrimage to Medjugorje, but not because of apparitions or visionaries. That probably was not the ringing endorsement that the Blessed Mother was looking for. Remember this message from 1985?
Medjugorje Message, April 4, 1985 (Holy Thursday)
“Dear children! I thank you for having started to think more about God's glory in your hearts. Today is the day when I wished to stop giving the messages because some individuals did not accept me. The parish has been moved and I wish to keep on giving you messages as it has never been in history from the beginning of the world. Thank you for having responded to my call."
The fruits of Medjugorje cannot be denied and the Church fully recognizes this. Just look at all the new priests and sisters who have decided on their vocation because of Medjugorje... The Church is caught between a rock and and a hard place... Their situation is difficult... How to recognize or endorse Medjugorje without the apparitions... Very difficult.... The Church seems to love most everything about Medjugorje with a caveat concerning the apparitions ... Understandably.

It is common sense that the Church must wait until an announcement is made by the Pope concerning the visionaries... before it can allow the Bishops to sponsor pilgrimages that endorse the apparitions...

For now, the Church seems to be saying: Go and pray and receive the Sacraments and if you wish, even follow the messages on your own account, but know that the Church will not be endorsing the apparitions, at least not yet...

We are just going to have to be patient with this...

In the meantime... I am thoroughly enjoying the new announcement that pilgrimages to Medjugorje can now be organized at the Diocesan level.. Each diocese will have to be careful of their wording but they can now promote and organize pilgrimages to Medjugorje... I'm sure more changes will be made as this is implemented as the Vatican may find that there are some unforeseen consequences that will need to be addressed... Regardless, this is a huge step in the right direction. :)
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