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From an article written by the canadian singer Mark Mallett (December 9, 2017) :

In a delightful conversation with Wayne Wieble last night, one of the original English speaking promoters of Our Lady’s messages, he said that parish records in Medjugorje indicate that over 7000 priests have received their vocation there (Archbishop Hoser cites a lesser number of 610 documented for sure, calling the Bosnian village "fertile grounds for religious vocations").

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I have noticed something :
Very often, when people receive a healing in Medjugorje, they don't go and say it to the Franciscans. They prefer to share it in private (with their relatives, with the pilgrims, with their friends...) because they don't want to be known.
If it's the same with those who receive a vocation, then the number of vocations received in Medjugorje can be very high !

A beautiful song by Mark Mallett ("Inconditional"):

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