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By maryannlucy
The Italian pro-Medjugorje website Medjugorje tutti i giorni (Medjugorje every day) posts testimonies and interviews every few days that are uplifting about the graces that are flowing from Medjugorje. Using the translations to English will help you get a pretty good sense of each post. Here are some of the topics of some recent posts

Ivanka interview from 2013 From the interview: "She is presented here as the Queen of Peace. Her first message was: "Peace. Peace. Peace". We can only come to peace through prayer, fasting, penance and the blessed Eucharist.
From the first day until now these are the most important messages at Medjugorje. Those who live these messages find the answers to the questions.

Ivanka said that from 1981 to 1985 I saw her every day. During those years she told me her life, the future of the world, the future of the Church. I wrote all this. When she tells me, I will deliver what I wrote to whom she tells me.
On 7 May 1985 I had the last daily apparition. Our Lady told me that I would see her only one time each year from now on. From 1985 until today I see her once a year on 25 June. In that last daily encounter God and Our Lady gave me a great, great gift. A great gift for me, but also for the whole world. If you here are wondering whether there is life after this life I am here as a witness in front of you. I can tell you that here on earth we are doing only a very short road to eternity."

Then the website gave a talk by Father Jozo Zovko about the Holy Eucharist

The website then highlighted the healing of a three year old Italian child who had suffered from a breathing problem and other medical problems. After climbing Apparition Hill, the child was healing and the mother could hear her breathing without wheezing for the first time in a long while.

There is a post of the activities of the Parish of Saint James for the year of 2017
During the year 2017 that has just ended, the total number of Holy Communions distributed in Medjugorje was 1.5711 million and the priests who concelebrated Masses were a total of 36,856.
In 2017 the parish baptized 75 (36 girls and 39 boys), 41 people were laid to rest (23 women and 18 men). The couples united in marriage were 34, and 57 candidates (25 boys and 32 girls) have received their First Communion. The confirmed members 66 (39 girls and 27 boys).

There is the testimony of a young woman, Sara, who was healed from the wounds of abuse. She was healed from panic attacks, fear, and insomnia. She stated after her pilgrimage, "I have no more panic attacks, or fear, and no insomnia. All it is gone, as if it had never been. Through Mary, the evil has left my life and is but a distant memory. Thanks to Jesus and Mary, I am reborn to new life, I realized that I must not rely on human strength and that my affection for my family was not to be morbid, because only God gives us joy, peace and love ; free and honest love."

I will post items from this website from time to time. The biggest hurdle is the language barrier. While the translations are not exact, you get the general sense of the testimonies.
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By bluecross
During the year 2017 that has just ended, the total number of Holy Communions distributed in Medjugorje was 1.5711 million...
Since its peak in 2011 (30th anniversary), there has been a gradual decline in the annual number of communions distributed at Medjugorje. Last year’s figure is the lowest since 2010. The decline in number of communion hosts corresponds with a decline in the number of pilgrims visiting Medjugorje. I wonder why? Perhaps there are several contributing factors.
...and the priests who concelebrated Masses were a total of 36,856.
Totally misleading! It’s like saying 365 priests celebrated Mass at my parish church when I know for a fact we have only one parish priest. :)

If all 36,856 concelebrating priests distributed communion, it would mean each priest gave out just 42 plus hosts during their stay in Medjugorje! If they stayed for a week, that would average out at six hosts each day!
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By bluecross
I know the stat is from the parish website. :)

The figure has always been reported in this way, but it’s not a figure which actually totals how many priests visited Medjugorje over a year. That’s why I say it’s misleading.

If I go to Medjugorje for a week, should I claim I’ve visited seven times... for every day I wake up there?
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By maryannlucy
This website Medjugorje tutti i giorni offers links to articles about Medjugorje but they are in Italian. It seems as if Sister Emmanuel recently gave a talk and interview for an Italian new site. ... empo-nuovo You will have to translate the article to read it but one interesting part is when the interviewer asks what to do to teach children the faith. Sister said that these days are difficult because of unfair laws and immorality. She also said that Sister Lucia of Fatima said that the last confrontation with satan would be over the family. Then Sister Emmanuel went on to say:

But God is preparing a new Pentecost. Explain ...

A New Pentecost of love, spoken about by the Servant of God, Marthe Robin (proclaimed by Pope Francis). It will not be like the first Pentecost, but will cover the whole of humanity: the Holy Spirit comes upon us and everyone will see their soul as God sees it, you can even call it enlightenment of consciences. And this illumination will be for everyone and it will be terrible for those who are in sin for they shall see with horror what is sin and will be tempted to despair. Seeing the horror of sin and the consequences that have resulted, that sin will be unbearable suffering, but for those who are touched by God, will be a wonderful grace. For this the Madonna for 36 years tells us: "Go to confession, abandon sin."

This is only one small excerpt from the interview.

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