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By Maryh
I would agree with you SBI, that the Islamic religion will be the majority by a certain time in the future.
Europe is predicted to become largely Islamic as well as many other places.

Ireland is definitely becoming as Prodicals says; A Godless nation.
I can envision a time in the near future that Christian schools will be unable to stand by its principles as it will be accused of 'hate speech' and homophobia if it
preaches that marriage is between and man and a woman.
The SSM referendum was steeped in emotional blackmail; with gay people's neck's on the line.
Love is love was the catchphrase and just like the abortion vote; it was touted as the only compassionate answer.
There were very few voices that dared raise an argument to the contrary. How could you argue with equal rights?
Imagine the fall out if the result had been a NO vote. There would have been a spike in suicides among the gay population. There already
is a too high suicide rate for gay people-young and old & this too is completely unacceptable.
A priests advice was to vote in a merciful way according to your conscience. We weren't told to vote according to the God's word or anything like that. I think it was a reckless stunt of the government to risk people's lives in this way.

Bluecross; i'm shocked at the co-incidence of Pope Francis talking about the condition of the cold heart.
I honesty hadn't seen these writings & don't tend to follow that closely.
In his description of hell, Dante Alighieri pictures the devil seated on a throne of ice,[2] in frozen and loveless isolation.
What an awful image!
A good warning to make efforts against this condition- especially when we read the description of God's love being like a consuming fire.
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By Merlorrich
What a great discussion.

It is interesting that today we had our Taoiseach on the radio outlining his views on the referendum, effectively a doctor who inspite of the hippocratic oath was canvassing for the repealists in cleverly chosen language (on his 'evolving' views) on a platform that pro-life people don't seem to get. Or at least I am not sure if they were given a right of reply, because the radio was turned off shortly after Leo started to speak.

But his evolving views,are symptomatic of what happens when God is no longer at the centre. Our beliefs become like shifting sands. A house built on sand doesn't stand. That is why I think we should stick to what Jesus teaches us and Our Lady has advised recently.
“....My children, have faith. When you have faith you are happy and are spreading peace; your soul trembles with joy. My Son is in such a soul.When you are giving yourself for the faith, when you are giving yourself for love, when you are doing good to your neighbor, my Son smiles in your soul.....”

Mary H, This is a very big problem. Our Lady advises that in all difficulties pray, pray,pray (it is from a book that received a nihil obstat). I usually offer my doubts and worries to Our lady and it gives me peace. If you have Jesus in your heart you can show love even to those who push you to the limits. Here is something from St. Therese which I read yesterday:
Always keep lifting your foot to climb the ladder of holiness, and do not imagine that you can mount even the first step. All God asks of you is good will.
One thing about taking matters into your own hands is that it is a consequence of despair. And despair is not a fruit of the Holy Spirit. If someone does say something to get you worked up, then just pray silently: "O Blood and Water...."

It is encouraging to see how many turn up at the pro-life marches.We need a miracle though.

StunnedByIt: Yes, there is probably still a bit of anger and a desire to get one up on the church. Also a yearning desire to show people that they have moved beyond faith. I think Islam could grow in Ireland, but also yoga, mindfulness, angels, etc.

The pro-choicers will use emotive and sugar coated that will demean a baby into something that can be reasoned away without any guilt. False glitter and a lie.

I have intended to read La Divina Comedia in Italian for a while but haven't got around to it yet.

Large segments of Catholic priests are supportive of this rush into secular humanism, feeling this is an appropriate 'mea culpa' for the past sins if the Church. Amazingly, they do not consider this support to be in conflict with their faith, or with the vows of their priesthood. I remember reading that a priest of the ACP proposed that the Church in Ireland stop teaching children about the Church’s doctrines on sexual morality because the Church was out of touch with the wants of the people, and that the people are no longer receptive to what they consider the hypocritical preachings of the Catholic clergy.
Yes it seems like some priests so want to be treated as one of the gang. How isolated some must be feeling. This really is a frightful crisis.

Bluecross, I think the pope's presence and words would have had a powerful impact on the lukewarm.
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By bluecross
Three years ago, Pope Francis suggested Dante’s Divine Comedy as vital reading for the Year of Mercy... ... -of-mercy/

Here’s the 8th Station of the Cross from the Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp, Belgium, showing Dante and his guide Virgil walking ahead of Jesus. The young girl being held back behind Dante is Beatrice and on her left shoulder is a depiction of a woman (the she-wolf) who has her eyes on Dante and follows him in other stations as well. A similar motif was used in the Passion movie when a sinister figure was seen in the background following Christ along the Via Crucis. Does a wolf wear a white cap? Only when disguised in sheep’s clothes. In this case the real wolf is the bearded man on the woman’s right, whispering in her ear.

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By bluecross
Bluecross; i'm shocked at the co-incidence of Pope Francis talking about the condition of the cold heart.
I honesty hadn't seen these writings & don't tend to follow that closely.
Coincidence? :)

They were not the Pope’s words but those of Jesus himself. The Pope proclaims the word of God. He was quoting from Matthew’s Gospel and the passage, The Beginning of Sorrows, warning his disciples of the trial and tribulations to come, and not to be deceived by false prophets.

jesus went on to say: “If anyone says to you then ‘Look, here is the Christ’ or, ‘He is there’, do not believe it; for false Christs and false prophets will rise and produce great signs and portents, enough to deceive even the chosen, if that were possible. There; I have forewarned you.” (Matthew 24 : 23-25)

I would look on the ‘coincidence’ more as a blessing for you, that the word of God has touched your heart in such a way.

St Paul teaches:
“The word of God is something alive and active: it cuts like any double-edged sword but more finely; it can slip through the place where the soul is divided from the spirit, or joints from the marrow; it can judge the secret emotions and thoughts. No created thing can hide from him; everything is uncovered and open to the eyes of the one to whom we must give account of ourselves.” Hebrews 4 : 12-13
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By Maryh
bluecross wrote:Does a wolf wear a white cap? Only when disguised in sheep’s clothes.
I do see it as a blessing Bluecross. I find it astonishing.
Sad to say i had a 'little red riding hood' experience myself.
Its hard to know the correct action to take so any prayers are really welcome!
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By bluecross
Lent starts next week and is always an invitation to walk alongside Jesus and share in his passion.

Alive Publishing distributes a booklet under the title Walk With Me. It’s available in most churches in the UK. There may be something similar available in Ireland.

Praying the Stations of the Cross is also a very effective prayer.

I will pray for you. ... k-with-me/

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By Merlorrich
Today's reflection from St. Therese of Lisieux: A word or a smile is often enough to put fresh life in a despondent soul. :)

I will pray that you find the correct the correct course of action Maryh.

There is a lot going on in that painting Bluecross, however, the cynical side of me thinks it is merely a human representation of something far more profound. I say that as one who hasn't studied the matter. I didn't know that the pope had suggested reading The Divine Comedy. The fact that it is related to mercy sounds interesting.

I wonder if you do adoration does it count as walking with Jesus and comforting him in his passion?
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By bluecross
There is a lot going on in that painting Bluecross, however, the cynical side of me thinks it is merely a human representation of something far more profound.
Most of the 14 Antwerp Stations have scripture references and each is a study on their own. But you are right in saying that there is a lot going on in the painting. The woman holding the child on her knee is St Lucy of Syracuse (the woman who sent Beatrice and Virgil to guide Dante). The woman on her left with arms outstretched is her mother Eutychia. Dante was also carried as a child by St Lucy in the Divine Comedy.

The Stations of the Cross are a depiction of God’s mercy.

Time spent in Adoration and in prayer with Jesus is time spent with him in Gethsemane, even when we fall asleep! :)


The man believed what Jesus had said and started on his way. (John 4 : 50)
“A pilgrimage is a journey, assigned by God. It brings the pilgrim, not only to a physical place, but also out of himself and into the presence of God. All else falls away. There is only the child, his Father, and eternity...” Fr Svetozar Kraljevic OFM

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