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By thebpman
I believe that Our Lady continues to appear to visionaries of Medjugorje.
I believe that there is life after death.
I believe in forgiveness of sins.
I believe in Jesus.
I believe that I am not alone.
By thebpman
Thanks maryannlucy. ... see I told you that I wasn't alone :)
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By Maryh
Enjoyed reading you professing about your gift of faith Bpman.
Its rare and special!
By thebpman
I was hoping that it wasn't rare Maryh. :)
I don't think there is another ten years of the status quo (sp?) Bluecross. But I thought the same thing ten years ago, didn't I.
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By irish m
I to believe in all that you say :D :D :D
Our Blessed lady took me to Medjugorje and I have never left it
I love it
God Bless you all
love Irish M
Ps don't forget to pray for Ireland on THE 10th of May that God may change the mines of the Irish people for if they pass it God Help Ireland that's all I can say

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