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By thebpman
We believe in a religion based on a man born of a virgin ( yeah right ) who went around healing sick people ( yeah sure he did ) and he also turned a few loaves of bread and fish into enough food to feed thousands (ok if you say so). He did however have some really nice things to say about how we should treat each other. And then when he was executed he came back from the dead to say goobye and good luck to his mum and his friends ( how can you not believe that )

The Holy Spirit has shined apon us the truth about these things. And really it is only the Holy Spirit that can open us up to believe something as insane as this and that it is actually the truth.

I had a set of rosary beads that I carried home from Medjugorje. The links of these beads turned gold as I was watching. I saw them change colour with my own eyes. I showed them to my brother who has always been there for me and supported me. He took one look at the beads and said "bullshit"

I honestly don't care if the beads changing colour are a conspiracy by rosary bead manufacturers ( which it isn't because I also saw a hand made set change colour) because at that very moment I needed the beads to change in order to give me a boost to maintain the faith. It was the Holy Spirit giving me what I needed to get me over the line.

I think the Holy Spirit talks to each of us in a way we can understand. Some people get the spinning sun or golden rosaries of scents of roses. There's as many ways as there are people that He can whisper to your heart. So in conclusion if your brother tells you its bullshit when your heart tells you it's truth then agree to disagree with your brother. That's what Medjugorje seems to be about believing the unbelievable and putting our trust in God.
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By maryannlucy
I have not been on pilgrimage to Medjugorje, but my sister has. She brought me back a souvenir rosary. When I used it to pray, the links of the chain which had been a silver color turned a gold color. I was thrilled and I said my rosary every day. One day as I was taking the bus, I must have accidentally left my Medjugorje rosary on the seat of the bus. I was a little sad to have lost the rosary, but that was just an impetus that our loving God used to get me to pray. I still pray the rosary every day and most times I don't use a rosary, I count out the prayers in my head. My husband also was given a rosary with a Queen of Peace medallion on it from Medjugorje. He does not use or pray the rosary, but the links have turned a gold color. I don't know what to make of it, but to each his own faith and all that matters is that all these roads must lead us back to the Heavenly Kingdom.
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By bluecross
Someone I used to be in touch with a few years back, Michael, shared an experience of his rosary turning gold. Mine never did, probably because they are wood beads on string! :)


Michael had heard of the various ‘miracles’ happening at Medjugorje. But when he was there he neither expected nor saw any such ‘signs and wonders’. However, on the journey back home one of the pilgrims found that the silver chain of his rosary had become a light gold colour. This caused excitement amongst the pilgrims and Michael wasn’t alone in looking at his rosary to find out whether his had changed – but it hadn’t. 

The plane carrying the pilgrims landed in England and after driving home from the airport Michael took another look at his rosary. He was surprised to find that the silver chain had now changed into a light gold colour. 

Nothing happens without a reason and over the next few weeks Michael was to discover just why the change had happened.

Michael is a Eucharist Minister and takes Holy Communion to residential and nursing homes for the elderly. In one of the homes resided husband and wife, Philip and Nellie. On his next visit Michael mentioned about his Rosary turning gold and showed it to them. Philip is an exemplary Catholic, very devoted to Our Lady and to the Rosary. He is also blind; so Nellie explained to her husband about the light gold colour of the chain. When Michael made another visit the following week, Nellie was excited to show him Philip’s rosary. The silver had become bright gold, as bright as brass! 

Nothing happens without a reason and there is a happy sequel to this story. Philip and Nellie preferred not to receive Holy Communion from a lay person; so week after week they missed the chance of receiving the Eucharist. But following the change to Philip’s rosary, he and Nellie had second thoughts and decided that they would receive communion from Michael. 

Five weeks later Philip died, fortified by the Rites of the Church. But on his death-bed he was to ill to receive Holy Communion. The last time he received was a few days earlier when Michael had come to see him. It was not too difficult to understand the change in rosaries belonging to Michael and Philip was Our Lady’s way of ensuring Philip would receive the Eucharist before he died!

• Perhaps rosaries changing to gold and spinning suns and all the rest of the ‘signs’ at Medjugorje, are simply a prompt by Our Lady and the Holy Spirit, to start making changes to our life, especially when it comes to receiving the Sacraments. Lent starts next week! :)

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