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Part of the words of Our Lady to Mirjana during the apparition of December 25, 1982, …"You have forgotten that through prayer and fasting you can avert wars and suspend the laws of nature." This has been fulfilled in a most beautiful way for Korea. During the summer of 2017 there was numerous reports of North Korea testing a rocket delivery system that could hold a nuclear device that could reach short range areas like Japan and longer range areas like the United States. Through the efforts and prayers and fasting of lovers of peace and by the grace of Our LORD comes the news that the North Korean nuclear test site collapsed September 3, 2017. This event has halted their entire nuclear program. This event and other promptings have led the leaders of North and South Korea to vow to end the war between them that has gone on since the 1950's in an historic accord. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
When I first read this, I kept asking, “But why has Our Lady chosen Korea to establish peace between the divided country? Why not any other divided country, Ireland for example?

Today I received my answer after checking back on some of my posts on the forum! :)

They say Our Lady is never outdone in generosity. Some years ago, a son of a Korean couple received a miraculous healing at Medjugorje. So grateful were the couple that they commissioned the statue of Our Lady which stands on Apparition Hill. It was placed and blessed in 2001 where it is said Our Lady’s first apparition took place. Since then it has become a focal point for countless pilgrims to visit and petition Our Lady.

Little wonder that Korea is favoured by Our Lady Queen of Peace.

Another connection is this: In 2015 the statue was vandalised. The nose and a finger were cut off. Sculptors came from Italy to repair the damage, completed on May 6, the same day in 1984 when Pope John Paul II canonised the Korean Martyrs en masse!
For some reason I can't help
to think in these situations
when we attribute something
to God or to prayer, that we
don't have a whatif box. And
therefore I can't attribute
anything to prayer, less my
own prayerk unless through
faith that indeed it was the
prayer or intercession of
God and not simply the
circumstances that shaped
history. We can never know.
That exhausts me much.
On one end I say: This was
God of course. On the other
end I become angry because
I know I say this because of
faith. So it sounds stupid in
the ears of any thinking being.
I reasoned that thinking beings,
because we can't know, and
because coincidence seems
to exist, must have concluded
by choice option, that therefore
it is safe to assume that
nothing is from God. And
they do that by faith, because
they don't know.
Therefore I concluded that
if I have an option to decide
as well, I conclude that every
thing comes from God. Me
doing so not different than
they, just that it is more
difficult to decide for God.
As Ayn Rand says:
“God” as traditionally defined is a systematic contradiction of every valid metaphysical principle.
However science opts out of
God, not knowing.
The desire to want to think good of others, to see the best in them, can be likened to the desire to want to think the best of God, to see his action in all things good.

It works in reverse as well, when God doesn’t match up to our expectations, he’s often considered a bad guy. And yet that thirst and desire to experience knowledge and goodness in our lives never leaves us.

Science will always be an incomplete study. God is infinite.
Dear All,
Fasting is the HARDEST of all the request from the BVM. Confession is even sometimes easier. I have been going to Medjugorje since 1988. I STILL have difficulty fasting on bread and water on Wednesday and Fridays. I have given up eating my "Beloved" meat on those days. I also have given up different things for LIFE in response to the BVM but the Wednesday/Friday fast eludes me. Still, my husband and I return to Medjugorje every year to visit the BVM at her home on earth. I climb the mountains bare footed, confess and pray. My husband, U C is a non-Catholic but he still believes and goes. He has grown to LOVE the BVM. That is a miracle in itself. We have received numerous miracles for our son that were "IMPOSSIBLE" for man but not for God thru the intervention of the BVM.

I don't care about the secrets or the sun spinning to believe. I will continue to try and fast on bread and water along with visiting the BVM in Medjugorje no matter what the final church decision is because I truly believe what is happening there in that oasis of peace.

I encourage ALL to go for the joy of peace.

Love in Christ,

PS. Hope and pray to be there again in October 2018
A couple of interesting facts that we might consider when thinking about the Korean situation which also have a connection, either coincidental or not, to Medjugorje. Padre Pio made specific prophecy regarding the so called 3 days of darkness and the associated chastisement. In this he mentioned the war of 1950 as either being the catalyst of events or involved some significant way, i can't remember exactly. The war of 1950 is the Korean war. This is a very serious flashpoint at the moment as we know. When did the Korean war begin?? The 25th June 1950 thats when! This link to Medjugorje, the reliability of St Pio and the current political situation definitely add up to something to think about.
Wow; didn't realise it was St. Padro Pio who made the 3 dark days prophecy.

There's a lot of taunting and power plays going back and forth at the moment alright.
Would not be at all surprised if one of them blacks out the others national grid.
bluecross wrote:
For some reason I can't help
to think in these situations
when we attribute something
to God or to prayer, that we
don't have a whatif box.
Like what if the U.S. President pulls out of the scheduled summit with North Korea, as announced today?
That was the closest you
could get to a whatif box.
Indeed. US government
now knows an answer to
what if we pull out, and
found something incredible.

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