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Zlatko Dalić, Croatia's World Cup soccer coach visited Medjugorje before taking his team to the World Cup in Russia - In his own words:

Zlatko Dalić: Before I go to Russia I will come to Medjugorje
As we wrote last night the Croatian Football Team's menu stayed last night in Medjugorje.

We used the menu at Medjugorje and we talked to him. Here is what Dalić told our portal HERCEGOVINA.INFO.
The boss is welcome to Medjugorje and Herzegovina!

"I have been coming to Medjugorje for the past fifteen years, and while I was in Varteks and Rijeka, I came regularly to Medjugorje clubs, and when I went outside, I had time to come for a couple of times a year, and since I became a guest I did not have the opportunity to come , but here I have now caught a little time to visit Medjugorje. "

What are the feelings?

"I was in the church where I prayed, and then came to visit my friends Yuri and Mary at Hotel Villa Regina. It is always very nice to come to Medjugorje, there I find some peace for a short while. energy and power for further. In Medjugorje I will certainly come again before I go to Russia to pray for a good result and here man really gains new energy and energy. "

You were in Split for the handball team match. What are the impressions of this great victory over Serbia?

"I'm thinking that all athletes need to be together, now I have a handball and if I'm close I think I have to come and give support to our handball players, I've been very nice in Split and I want to have such support of fans as they are they had handball players in Split, which is unbeatable winds and great emotions, and in this atmosphere it can not be played poorly and can not be a good result. "

And did you like the men's table with your footballers deserved such support after you took the team in Russia?

"In the match against Greece in Zagreb, we had 30,000 supporters, it was a wonderful, extraordinary atmosphere, and that is what football deserves and deserves the players of the Croatian national team, but it is our team and our sanctuary.We are small, and we are constantly in some turmoil and I try to be together and together. I was in handball and I will be anywhere where I can support our athletes. "

Thank you and lucky in further work and in the championship in Russia!

"Thank you"

Croatian menu Zlatko Dalić in Medjugorje…/…/01/web ... 412260.jpg

I also love this story posted by the Catholic News Agency, where Zlatko Dalić shares his love for the Rosary....…/cr ... ld-cup-soc

God bless everyone!

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