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By beloved
September 25, 2018 message from Our Lady, Queen of Peace:

"Dear children! Also nature extends signs of its love to you through the fruits which it gives you. Also, you, by my coming, have received an abundance of gifts and fruits. Little children, how much you have answered to my call, God knows. I am calling you - it is not late - decide for holiness and a life with God, in grace and in peace. God will bless you and give to you a hundred-fold, if you trust in Him. Thank you for having responded to my call."
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By ActionReq
how much you have answered to my call, God knows.
Funny this quote releases all
kinds of sudden connections.
As if it were... a message hidden
inside a message.
Of course the phrase itself it
seems clear in what it says.

But then.
Suddenly comes to mind.
Garabandal. Why Garabandal?
I somehow had put that off inside
my mind..
Discarded. And now it comes back
to haunt me with this phrase.
I will explain why:
Garabandal starts in 1961. The
message from Maria is:
the cup is filling.
And so starts the second Vatican
Then in 1965, the last message
from Garabandal. While previously
The cup was filling, well now it is
brimming over. A couple of months
later finishes the council.
That full message was in 1965 was:
As my Message of the 18th of October has not been complied with, and as it has not been made known to the world, I am telling you that this is the last one. Previously, the Cup was filling; now, it is brimming over.Many priests are following the road to perdition, and with them they are taking many more souls. Ever less importance is being given to the Holy Eucharist. We should turn the wrath of God away from us by our own efforts. If you ask His forgiveness with a sincere heart. He will pardon you. I, your Mother, through the intercession of St. Michael the Archangel, wish to tell you that you should make amends. You are now being given the last warnings. I love you very much, and I do not want your condemnation. Ask Us sincerely and We shall grant your plea. You must make more sacrifices. Reflect on the Passion of Jesus
While this is "common" verbiage
in many apocalyptic messages,
here it says:
As my Message of the 18th of October has not been complied with
Compared to:
How much you have answered my call...

Garabandal was about answering a call and not having done that.

Also that would not have triggered me maybe
because coincidences exist everywhere.
What strikes me most is the phrase:
God knows.
Just because there is a movie that
just came out that is called:
Garabandal, Only God knows.

Maybe you should just go and see it.
By the way I haven't seen it myself
so I don't recommend it for that
reason. However I do feel recommended
myself to go and see by this message.
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By irish m
Bluecross keep us in your prayers have a nice time
and a Blessed one
The line in the message that sticks out to me is how much you have answered my call God knows
God Bless you all
love Irish M
Ps we must be doing something right :D :D :D
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By beloved
bluecross wrote:
I am calling you - it is not late...
Spoke to me loud and clear. Off to Medjugorje next week! :)

What a blessing! I pray you have a very blessed trip!

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