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By johntt
This new report from Sister Emmanuel needs to be shared:
  • Chiara Amirante, founder of the Nuovi Orizzonti Community in Italy (see PS1) is a woman who deeply loves the Church and has a privileged place in Rome. John Paul II named her consultant for the dicastery for the Pastoral Care of Migrants, then Benedict XVI named her consultant for the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization, and finally she was one of the first women called to the synod. This has enabled her to meet with Pope Francis several times. After the Pope’s statements about Medjugorje when he returned from Fatima on May 13, 2017, Chiara had several encounters with the Holy Father. In one of them which lasted more than an hour, Medjugorje was at the heart of the conversation.

    I have known Chiara for more than twenty years, and I am glad to see that a person so well trained at the school of Mary had the opportunity to be heard by the Pope. Chiara has so deeply embedded the messages of the Blessed Mother into her life that she radiates the motherly light of Mary, and thus attracts many people to God, especially young people who are wounded by all sorts of addictions and wrong doings in the world. Her vocation is to bring out those who have fallen into this pit of hell and who can find no help in our society. This is a great challenge!

    The first talks with the Pope were private, and Chiara always respected the papal secret. But recently the Holy Father said to her: “Chiara, this time you can talk about what I told you about Medjugorje.” I quote Chiara here on some points from her last talk with Pope Francis:
    • “I would like to share a piece of news that has given me great joy. It is true that the statement by Pope Francis on 13 May 2017 in the Lisbon plane gave us a blow to the heart: “I prefer the Virgin Mother, our mother, rather than the Virgin as head of a telegraph office who sends messages every day at a specific time… That is not the mother of Jesus… Who thinks the Virgin would say: So, come tomorrow at such and such a time, and I will give a message to such and such a visionary? No, that can’t be!”And even if Pope Francis then added: “In Medjugorje there are fruits, so many fruits”, this did not alleviate our grief caused by this assertion: “This is not the mother of Jesus”. After this statement was broadcast by all the televised newscasts in the world, I had the grace of meeting the Holy Father. Know that I have his blessing to talk about his words on Medjugorje.
      I felt the need to speak with him, because I see that some information circulating in the Vatican is not true. For example, ill-informed priests believe that Mary has already given more than 50,000 messages, which led Pope Francis to believe that she was giving several appointments each day to several visionaries to say different things. So I pointed out, “No, that’s not it at all! To date, there are only 672 messages. There is the monthly message on the 25th, given to Marija for the world, and one on the 2nd received and conveyed by Mirjana.” Pope Francis then told me that he had “saved” Medjugorje. In fact, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith wanted to issue a negative opinion, but he supported the Ruini Commission which expressed a positive opinion on the first apparitions.

      The Holy Father said “Medjugorje is very much close to my heart!”During the press conference on the Lisbon plane, he pointed out that there were fruits, that this could not be denied. He sent Mgr. Hoser precisely because he believes that the fruits are important, and that Medjugorje must be protected. He told me that he was the one who authorized the pilgrimages. He is now rallying – for the moment through his envoy, Archbishop Hoser – to keep all that is beautiful in Medjugorje.
      Let us continue to pray for Pope Francis, for the Church and for all his intentions.”
    Well, my friends, these conversations between Pope Francis and Chiara are a real turning point for Medjugorje, and they give us so much hope! ... 18-report/

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