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By MedjAdmin
Hi everyone!

As you probably know, I've been busy with making new films and related projects. I'm heading to Medjugorje again shortly and can't wait to share more about everything we've been working with you all. I will try to soon.

As you see, I updated the forum and have made some big improvements in its structure and features.

A PLEA: We need help to ensure the forum continues. Right now, new members have been trying to register but for a long time I've been unable to moderate the new member signups. Each one needs to be looked at to ensure they are not spammers. But now there are features to help ensure less spammers sign up.... however, they still need to be approved.

Are there any members who would be willing to take on this duty? I'd like to get a few members who would be willing to help with this, and also with general moderation. Please post here if you're interested. It wouldn't involve a lot of work, but it WOULD help us get a lot of new members who have been trying to join.

In turn, it would re-invigorate the forum.

Thank you!

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