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Dear Sandy I wrote to you recently and was wondering how you were doing ! come back to,the Forum again.i miss you .i,put a reply on the
Forum for you . But I have forgotten how to do PM s . Also I would like to change my Avatar but not sure what to do. Anyway keep well Sandy and give my regards to
Sean and the Team love from your dear long lost friend Angela. Aka as mcikath xxxx
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Hello Sandy I thought I would give it another try to contact you again. I have signed on to our Forum and
I succeeded to get through
How are you feeling? I picked up a photo of you and me taken at you home. You made me so welcome.
I do not have your address any more not even your e mail.
I have managed to put some posts on now via the Forum and it feels good to be home
I would like to keep in touch with you by e mail
If you so contact Stella she knows where I am now . But I do not like to give out her e mail without asking
Anyway Sandy I will pray for you and Frank and your family
I am now in a nursing home now so when I can trace you I will send my address to you Keep well Sandy
May our Dear Mother Mary look after you always love from Angela xxx. AKA mcikath
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By maryannlucy
Hi Angela, I saw that Sandy last posted March 22, 2020. I am copying and pasting her message.

Re: Updated Medjugorje forum and request!#231967
By Maryschild - Sun Mar 22, 2020 8:55 am
Sean ,
Please note that when I signed in , there is a Welcome, Maryschild (to me ) as if I just joined our
forum ? I haven't been on the forum lately, I have been very ill. I am in Rehab now.
I have been a member since August 5, 2006. And, it looks like I have to change my Avatar and password?
Is it because I changed my email? I can change my password but, I wish to keep my Avatar.
Please reply , thank you.

I do not know if someone was able to help Sandy with this request. Maybe someone will see this and reach out to her so that she can log on and you two can reconnect. God bless you and have a nice Pentecost.
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Thank you Maryannlucy for your speedy reply . It was so nice of you to do that. I want to be reconnected with
Our Forum . It was illness kept me away but I have made a great recovery which has really helped and I am looking forward to the posts. I will have to contact Sean or one of the Team to show me how to change my
Avatar etc thank you once again Love Angela mcikath xxx

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