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By ActionReq
I do not know if I will be there for the
40th anniversary. Let's hope to greet
you there.
You never can tell.

On a side-track hopefully not related.
But if it is, then there is no better place
then to write in this 40th anniversary

I had a dream just 10 minutes ago
For this reason I stood up very
early to write on this forum.
it seemed a prophetic dream.
It contained two prophecies.
I was standing on a train-station
in the Netherlands, where I live.
A train was zipping by.
At my side there was a man who
told me the following:
One of those trains will explode
in two days from now.
That saying caused him to draw
my full attention. I looked
carefully at the man.
The man appeared nomad. His
face was marked by the sun, with
deep vertical grooves. He was a
person you would expect to find
in Yakutsk, in the very far east
of Russia.
He was clothed in typical nomad
clothes. At his side he was carrying
a big box on wheels.
While looking at the box, I noticed
that now suddenly we were not at
the train station any longer. We
were walking side by side on a large
steppe. We were moving towards
the east.
What are you carrying? I asked.
This is an atomic bomb he answered.
I respond: That's impossible it must
be bluff. So small.
No no he responds, it really is an
atomic bomb.
He continues: With the sanctions
on Russia from the west, it is
increasingly easy to lay your hands
on one of these.
Now imagine what this thing can do
when dropped in a bay area.
It will generate a wall of water and
nobody will survive.
And you know, he said: there are two of them.

I woke up and this dream made me
think about the prophecy of Mirjana
about the three things that will
happen somewhere in the world.

If no train explodes in two days and
I dearly hope that, then let's smile.
and also forget about the nuclear
But if a train does explode.......

That is the reason that I write this
dream here. If I don't write it and
it happens, then nobody will
notice and I will feel guilty of not
saying this.
And if I write this here and it will
happen, then maybe it draws the
attention and the other two
events can be prevented.
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By bluecross
Interesting, but I would say that this type of dream reflects an inner fear and stimulated by exterior influences.

Didn’t Our Lady remind us in her latest message that the devil wants to fill our heart with fear of the future?

So when all this doesn’t happen you might want to ask yourself why you had such a dream.

I came across this verse this evening...

Yaweh is the all-powerful consoler. Isaiah 51 : 12-13

I, I am your consoler.
How then can you be afraid
of mortal man, of son of man,
whose fate is as the fate of grass?
Yo have forgotten Yaweh who made you,
who spread out the heavens and laid the earth’s foundations,
why still go in daily dread
of the opressor’s fury,
when he sets out to destroy you?
What has happened to the fury of oppressors?
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By ActionReq
Subconscious fear. I had thought
about that. But I passed that phase
enough, I hope, presume. I dream
more things, but this one stood
out in clarity of images and the
direct message. It was like the
dream I had back in 2012. In that
dream I drove in a car past the
place where my work was in Costa
Rica. But the building was gone,
and there was a big hole there.
The earth was scorched inside the
hole. At that time I jokingly
prophesied that Intel would
leave Costa Rica, producing
a loss of 26% of GNP.
Hence the scorched hole.
It happened two years later in
2014. I lost my job but I had
taken action on my dream and
was prepared. For that reason
the situation did not affect me
so much.

At the time it took two years to fulfill,
At least this time I do not have
to wait so long. 8)
Even so this last dream better not fulfill.

And.. are you going?
How is the heart treating you?
Completely restored?
By thebpman
What are the travel restrictions around the world? At the moment if I leave Australia I don't think I can come back easily. This all might change with the roll out of the vaccine. So if I have the money and the travel restrictions ease I'll be there with bells on.
Here's hoping no trains explode in the next two days.
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By ActionReq
No exploding trains.

But it teaches something.
You can have a dream but
probably if you tell it to
someone, it will not come
Then if you don't, then if
it comes out, then afterwards
you can tell it to others
and it remains a curiosity.
Just that.
Spirituality is mysticism, and
it protect itself from

So it is with the mysteries
of Medjugorje and Garabandal.
It comes out and then people
say: It was this or that.
And then.....
It remains a curiosity.
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By bluecross
Fantasy, and an over-active imagination. :)

Nothing to do with spirituality, prophecy or myticism.

Blind attempting to lead the blind...

As for Medjugorje...

“He has sent me to bring the good news to the poor,
to proclaim liberty to captives
and to the blind new sight...”

(from today’s Gospel, Luke 4 : 18)
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By Maryh
There was in fact, two explosions in the far east, Indonesia over the weekend.
One a suicide bomb outside a Catholic church, the other a massive oil refinery explosion. The breaking news was terrifying,
it looked like hell on earth. I thought of your post. ... index.html ... -explosion

Although your dream was not exact circumstances, the theme was correct in being about explosions.
So it may have been more of a call to pray for the people who may suffer due to explosions or those hurt by them and are
still suffering the after effects of one rather than any kind of exact warning?

The after effects of an atomic bomb? Well, there are similarities to what is already happening In the world, with microscopic features of nature causing absolute devastation to so many. Suppose terrifying situations can only be
faced with faith,hope and love.

Maybe your dreams were a call for others to pray now too since you've shared it?
Its so easy to get compassion fatigue with all the sad news stories, it can be hard to focus on what exactly to pray for anymore!

No non virtual/real life visits to Medjugorje for me in the foreseeable future anyway.
( Psalm: 55:6 ) I said, "Oh, that I had the wings of a dove! I would fly away and be at rest.
By thebpman
I have often had dreams that came to reality. It seems if I tell someone they don't come true.
My wife won second division in a lottery from numbers she deciphered from a dream. It was the first time she had ever bought a ticket and she only bought the ticket because of her dream. She won about $8000. The odds of winning were 678,000 to one. The odds of it being pure luck are too great. It had to be a dream from God.
I'm still trying to get her to have another one :D
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By Maryh
That's astonishing thebpman, :D
What an amazing thing to happen.

The Lord works in mysterious ways for sure! :lol:
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By ActionReq
Suddenly all into very strange
vivid dreams. That last dream
stood out because it was so
remarkable clear. More real
than real. Last night I had a
dream similar in clearness.
I dreamt that the sun became
completely dark.
I am aware that is a prophecy
mentioned at many places
in the bible, but dreaming
about it is rather odd.
It had so many small details.
The sun was visible as through
a telescope. Smoke billows
extruding from the sun and
darkened the whole planet.
The sun remained visible
like red glowing coal pieces
between black ashes. and
the smoke plumes.
After some time the freezing
cold set in and it became
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By Maryh
Sounds out of the ordinary ActionReq.
I've heard of countless prophecies too from many saints warning of three dark days.

Your dream description reminded me of an article i read recently where it described how the sun went dark
in the immediate aftermath of the crucifixion and the world went cold.
Frightening indeed.

I love where it says in the bible that Jesus is our light and no darkness will ever separate us from him so long as we try
to remain in his presence.

even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you. Psalm 139:12

By thebpman
Yes the three days of darkness prophecy comes up a lot, but, the visionaries of Medjugorje repeatedly say that Our Lady has come to bring light to the world, not darkness.
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By Maryh
Yea, though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i will fear no evil for thou art with me,
thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Psalm 23:4

Blessed be the Lord-day after day he carries us along. He's our saviour, our God, oh yes!
He's God-for-us, he's God-who-saves-us. LORD GOD knows all death's ins and outs.
Psalm 68:19-20.

Its like that hymn, "Be not afraid, I go before you always......." :)

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