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MEDJUGORJE - Summary of the Apparition of the Queen of Peace to Ivan - April 27, 2021

MEDJUGORJE - Summary of the Apparition of the Queen of Peace to Ivan - April 27, 2021 Dear priests, dear friends, once again I greet you from the heart in our moment of prayer tonight. During an apparition, Our Lady speaks through me and says to the world: "Dear children, today's world is going through a heavy crisis. The greatest crisis, however, is the crisis of faith. Today's world takes a path that leads away from God. Humanity is moving away from God. Our Lady is concerned in a special way for families and for young people and as Our Lady says in a message "Today's family is in a difficult situation and we can only help with love and prayer of the heart. "Dear, dear families, dear young people, what the world offers us today is passing. Satan uses every empty moment for himself, today in a special way he tries to destroy young people and through this he wants to destroy families. There is a future, but there are also conditions and this is the return to God. Our Lady speaks to us about the conditions: we must convert, pray, fast, believe and give ourselves to God completely, abandon ourselves, stay with her on the path of holiness. Our Lady tells us what we must do: pray the rosary, go to confession, read the Holy Scriptures, celebrate Holy Mass and do good. Everything always begins with the individual, with the individual person, then goes into the family, then into society, into the church and into the world, the new society, the new church. Everything begins with the individual person, with his conversion. Each individual then creates new relationships in the family and this grows from the family to outside. Many times we talk to pilgrims who come to Medjugorje and, when we travel around the world, we tell you what Our Lady says: Our Lady does not get tired, she repeats things and we too, without getting tired, repeat what she says. Peace must reign in the heart, then in the family and then in the world. And everything becomes new and everything begins with the renewal of the individual and he then helps others to renew themselves, helps to realize their true identity. Dear friends, Our Lady is with us, she is not tired of calling us. Even today she came very joyful and happy among us, she greeted us with her maternal greeting: " I know that you would like her to give us a new message every time but we must take and accept what we have and what she has told us and then live things before we can receive a new message. Our Lady gave us a message on April 25 and we want to hear this once again: "Dear children! Today I invite you to witness your faith in the colors of spring, may it be the faith of hope and courage. May your faith, little children, not waver in any situation, not even in this time of trial. Walk courageously with the Risen Christ towards Heaven which is your goal. I accompany you on this journey of holiness and I place you all in my Immaculate Heart. Thank you for having responded to the my call ". through
The Pope has also included Medjugorje among the 30 shrines and places of prayer in the world, from which they will pray for the end of the pandemic during each day of May. Medjugorje will be highlighted on May 15th with the intention of that day to pray for migrants. Here is a list of shrines and prayer intentions for each day: ... %20Ing.pdf
An interview of Vicka by Father Livio of Radio Maria took place in Feb. of 2020 and she responds to the questions about fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays. This is translated from an article presented on
The request of the QUEEN OF PEACE: fast on Wednesdays and Fridays. What to do and how to do it.
By: Father LIVIO
Father Livio interviews VICKA of MEDJUGORJE
Date of publication: February 27, 2020

Father: A very special and important request of the Queen of Peace here in Medjugorje is fasting. It is an invitation that people want to understand and put into practice. What exactly does Our Lady require in this regard?

VICKA: Since among the listeners of Radio Maria there are also many sick people, I would like to say first of all that their fasting is suffering, which they must offer with love. It is enough for them to make a few small sacrifices and give it to Our Lady. Instead, people who are well are invited to fast on bread and water twice a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays. Even if at first they may find some difficulties, they must go forward with a strong will, without excuses, and fast for the love of God and Our Lady.

Father: Does fasting go from midnight to midnight?
VICKA: All day.
Father: Twenty-four hours?
VICKA: Yes. If you start in the morning, you do it until the next morning.
Father: People often ask if tea or coffee breaks the fast requested by Our Lady.
VICKA: If Our Lady asks for bread and water, it means that it is bread and water.
Father: I have the impression that some people like fasting for diet reasons.

VICKA: That doesn't matter. Diet has nothing to do with Our Lady. When fasting for the love of God, it doesn't matter if a person is fat or thin, but it matters that he does it with the heart.
Father: Some people for various reasons do not feel like fasting like the one requested by Our Lady, but they are willing, for example, to skip a meal. To these people I always say that Our Lady takes what we give her according to our possibilities. VICKA: If a person begins to deprive himself of dinner, then he will also be able to deprive himself of lunch and breakfast and thus comes to complete fasting.
Father: Is there also a path to fasting?

VICKA: Yes, there is also a path.
Father: However, Our Lady did not only ask for fasting of the stomach, but also that of the tongue, when she invited us not to murmur, and that of the eyes, when she invited us to turn off the television.

VICKA: Of course.
Father: Could we then interpret the renunciation of smoking, television and things like that as fasting?

VICKA: Look, Father Livio, there are certainly many sacrifices that we can make, but when Our Lady asked for fasting she spoke clearly, inviting healthy people to fast on bread and water on Wednesdays and Fridays.
Father: In other apparitions, such as in Lourdes and Fatima, Our Lady asked for sacrifices, but fasting on bread and water is typical of Medjugorje.
VICKA: Sacrifices can and must be made every day. Instead, on Wednesday and Friday, Our Lady asks us a very specific thing. She does not ask us to not eat anything, but to feed ourselves with bread and water.
Father: Why is fasting on bread and water so important?
VICKA: Our Lady said that by fasting on bread and water, wars can be averted, however violent they may be. While we fast, Our Lady purifies us in our depths and removes from our hearts the evil that has settled there for a long time. Many people have become numb and don't even know they have a heart. With fasting we are gradually able to discover and purify it.
Father: Our Lady has put a very powerful weapon in our hands.

VICKA: How many times did Our Lady say that with fasting and prayer, even war can be averted!
Father: Can a mother who wants the conversion of her child be advised to fast on bread and water to obtain the grace of conversion?
VICKA: Of course. Fasting on bread and water with prayer.
Father: Fasting and the rosary together?
VICKA: Both things together.
Father: Our Lady has placed two formidable weapons in our hands.
VICKA: They are the strongest that exist.
Father: Can everything be achieved with these weapons?
VICKA: Everything, everything.
Father: But sacrifices and mortifications are also important. Our Lady often asks for them in her apparitions and even here in Medjugorje they have entered your daily life.

VICKA: Yes, Our Lady also asks for small sacrifices. The important thing is that they are truly such and that they are made with the heart and with joy.
Father: For example, giving some of my time to a person in need, or patiently putting up with an unpleasant person… VICKA: Those are sacrifices and not doing something I like, like helping someone I love. Sacrifice is helping a person who is distant, or forgiving when you have been offended…
Father: Sacrifice is also accepting the trials that God sends us.
VICKA: When we know how to welcome with joy what God gives us, then everything changes. Instead, many times we complain and say: "But where is God?", "But why me?" and very few are ready to say: "Lord I thank you for this great gift of suffering and if you still have something to give me, here I am ready, I only ask you at this moment for the strength and courage to go on ”.
Father: Sure.
VICKA: Our Lady also said: “You don't know how much value suffering has in the eyes of God.”
Father: The diseases that we would like God to take away from us are actually gifts.
VICKA: But look, Father Livio, these are great gifts. God knows why he gives them and when he takes them away.

Source: Radio Maria

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