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By bluecross
“For Jesus, Peter’s sin was not important: he was looking at his heart.
To be able to find this heart and heal it, he prayed.
Jesus who prays and Jesus who heals.
It is something he does for each of us.
We cannot understand the Church without Jesus who prays and heals.
May the Holy Spirit help us understand that this Church has its strength
in Jesus’s prayer that can heal us all.”

Pope Francis, October 28, 2014
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By ActionReq
Nice to hear from you again.
What is sin?

Once upon a time there was a carpenter. This carpenter had a woodsaw that he had inherited from his father, who at his turn had inherited the saw from his father. Little known fact is that a woodsaw can be repaired with a saw tooth setter. This way a woodsaw made out of good steel can last a century in the hands of a skilled man. But today after many many years, too many teeth of the saw had been broken. The inevitable was about to happen. The carpenter had to replace his beloved woodsaw. So he set out on a journey to the city to buy himself a new saw. After a day's journey, he arrived at a large construction retailer. He asked where he could find a woodsaw. He was told to look for isle 23. When he arrived at the isle, he noticed that there were hundreds of different saws available. Two saws immediately drew his attention. They were identical, but one had a price-tag of 190 euros, and the other had a price tag of 15 euros. He took both saws and found no notable differences. So he decided to call an assistant. It took a while, but he found one assistant that was available to help him out with his questions. The carpenter asked the assistant. Look I have two saws here and they look identical, but they have a very different price-tag. Why is that so? The assistant thought a brief moment and she responded. Well, this saw is cheap because it is made in a country where the person who made this saw has a very low wage. He lives in a room with 10 other laborers, he has no private space, works 12 hours per day, and he is only allowed to leave the job to see his wife and kids one day per two weeks. The steel is good, but it is produced by labourers who work under the same circumstances, using old carbon reduction technology that contributes much to the air pollution. The government of this country supports this situation. Whereas this expensive saw. It is made by a worker who has a good salary, health benefits, pension, a certain amount of vacation every year, works only 36 hours per week, and sees his wife and kids every night in his own house. The steel is produced with state-of-the-art hydrogen reduction technology that does not impact the environment. You will have to choose between the two options. The carpenter considered the situation a few more minutes and bought the expensive saw. He returned home, lived happy ever after, and died satisfied. His son, also a carpenter, inherited the woodsaw from his father. The carpenter himself arrived at the gates of the heavens. Saint Peter was already waiting for him and said: look there is one problem for you entering the heavens. You remember that woodsaw that you bought? Yes answered the carpenter. Well continued Saint Peter, scratching behind his ear. Together with you, many people started buying the expensive wood-saws, and the labourer who produced the cheap saws, was laid off. He could not buy food for his family and he and his family died a gruesome death of hunger. So you, not buying the cheap saw was also responsible for this. This is sin. You sinned. What do you have to say about that? The carpenter looked horrified and said. O how sorry I am, if only I had known? Then Peter answered. Well, there is a solution. God, the Father of mercy, sent His only begotten son, Jesus Christ, into the world to suffer for the sins of this world. Through the death and resurrection of this Son, He has reconciled the world to himself and sent the Holy Spirit among us for the forgiveness of sins. You can enter into the heavens, live long and happy! The carpenter started walking in the direction of the gates, but hesitated. He turned around and said: May you Lord not be angry, but let me speak and ask a question. Of course, Peter said. What is on your heart? The carpenter asked: What if I would have bought the cheap saw? Well, Answered Peter, then you would have sinned taking advantage of supporting an evil government who extorts and represses his own people. However, know ye that Jesus takes away all the sins of this world and reconciles. Know ye also that the sins of this world are all those sins that you will have to commit to participate in this world. All other sins like pride, arrogance, lying, theft, and murder are anathema. Jesus did not suffer for those sins, and unless they repent, and most are not able to, they will enter the Hades. Or is the heavens in your sight a den of robbers? I have seen, most people think this way, even nearly all pastors think this way. They lead many into perdition.

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