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By bluecross
A very wise Irish priest who accompanied a pilgrimage group to Medjugorje stood up at dinner one evening and asked for everyone’s attention.

He had sensed there was conflict within the group; people were complaining, sniping, gossiping, getting angry and out of sorts with themselves and each other. (Yes, this kind of behaviour can happen on pilgrimages).

The priest was very brief in his address to the group. He simply invited everyone to pray the Lord’s prayer and to take every word to heart.

Since then, I have never forgotten the power of this prayer to bring the peace of Jesus into any situtation that is disturbing.

Disappointment and a sense of injustice can lead to anger and resentment, but we are called to forgive each others failures and mistakes. Even when others seemingly fail to carry out the the will of the Father, we too fail if we ‘dig in’ and choose not to forgive.

The greatest gift we all possess if the ability to forgive. We can choose to use it sparingly, we can multiply it over and over again, or we can bury it. We are blessed with the freedom to choose and the devil isn’t slow to push the choices he would want us to make.
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By ActionReq
Forgiveness and repentance.

Are so simple if you can, and so difficult if you can't.

It is so much more than an: I forgive you and a sorry.

In this world it is a state of heart that wanes if you don't care for it all day.

Happy those who can forgive and who can say sorry from the heart, and feel what they say while saying what they feel.

And if you don't feel like it, then it will take 30 years to get it back.

And what if you are seventy and you find out that you don't have what you thought you had?

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