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By ActionReq
For starters,
It is pleasing to look at.

The picture.
Hey Bluecross it's good to hear from you again. Not sure what happened to the forum. I think it was off line for so long that people (like me) kinda gave up on it.

I look forward to reading your new posts!

God Bless

Greg from MN
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By bluecross
Yes, MV, I guess most regular posters have moved on, and the effect of the Covid pandemic and lockdowns have changed much in people’s lives. (Had my FOURTH jab this week).

Also, Mirjana not having monthly apparitions anymore will have had some effect on interest.

Still undecided if I should try and get back to Medjugorje later this year.
By thebpman
I think we didn't display Christian values in our conversations with one another.
We would attack people who were anti Medjugorje and also the people who were overly passionate and zealous in there beliefs that were associated with religion.
I personally attacked, in an attempt to save a person hinting at suicide, because I was so angry at people I love who committed suicide. Fortunately Mr. Daily deleted my post before it was seen because of the different time zones.
It could get pretty nasty on here.
People were ignored and discarded when it was big, simple because it was difficult to keep track of everyone.
Also the format of the forum is old hat. I love this format but even Facebook is a bit old hat now and this is older than that.
There are also idiots like me who think their perspective is right when it's wrong and they just won't listen.
There were lots of problems and reasons why it has been decimated but it is still the most trustworthy site on news from Medjugorje because it's like a peer reviewed journal in authentication of content. It is a very important site for this reason. I hope it will grow again.
By thebpman
I think Leo would still be around just watching

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