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By JD12
Hi, my mum passed away last May 2019. A couple of weeks after mum passed, dad wanted to get mums Rosary that was always hanging over the bed post. To his surprise he found it like this. The bed post doesnt come apart and neither does the rosary. And my mum certainly wouldn't have taken it apart. As you can see in the picture unless we take the rosary apart we cant get it off from the bed post. What do you think?

Sorry can't upload a bigger picture. The bar from the post goes to the post at the other end. Nothing detaches.

Mums Rosary.
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By Merlorrich
Hi JD,

Interesting conundrum.

Have you checked both sides of the bed post to see if they come apart ? For example what about the left-hand side ? What about the white bar; can that be detached ?

Is there a detachable part in the centre of the bed-post which comes apart ?

Maybe instead of trying to see if the bar opens you could try to see if the brass knob (on the right) can be screwed open/lifted up (or vice versa).

Being practical there must be an accessible part somewhere - so if you can't find it - maybe you can detach the bedpost in full and take it to an antiques shop because they may be familiar with such beds and know where to find the detachable part. Alternatively there may be a furniture restorer near by who can assist.

Hope you find it.

Please let us know.
By JD12
Hi, thanks for your reply. We have double checked nothing comes apart. Do you think it's a sign?
I have started praying the Rosary again. I hadn't prayed it for years.

Thanks JD
My mums Rosary.

Hi, thanks for your reply. We have double checked […]

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