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By Pandora
Today I unexpectantly received a new rosary that was blessed by Pope Benedict. And I have this idea and would like to know what you think. I thought it would be nice if I donated this rosary to the forum and we could let it travel to each of us who signs on? Everyone could keep it maybe for 2 weeks and then send it on. We could use this rosary to pray especially for all the forum members, their intentions and of course those of our Blessed Mother! What do you think?
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By aoise
I think that's a lovely idea. It would also be a good reminder to pray for the Holy Father and his intentions.
By leo daly
interesting idea, maybe we could set up a passport for it so that each person who recieves it can put in something from their area, ie a picture of their parish church etc. Brings a new meaning to world wide rosary

By marylover
great idea!
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By MedjAdmin
I like it! That will be one powerful rosary. :D
By Cathy B

Now that's what I call a brilliant idea. :idea: :idea: Sign me up :D :D.

God Bless,
Cathy B

Hail Mary..
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By Shalom
Pandora, I too, think that's a brilliant idea. Count me in too. :D :D :D

God bless.
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By athenacp
Count me in!
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By Flo
What a lovely idea. So kind of you to share such a lovely gift with us.
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By Pandora
Ok, I'm glad you like the idea! :D Hopefully more people will sign up over time. We could also maybe open a thread and tell a bit about insights, prayer intentions we especially thought of while praying with it, where we took it etc. I will definitely take it to my local church and maybe also to another in Berlin I sometimes visit. Blessed Clemens August von Galen (he was bishop and stood up to and preached against Hitler
who wanted to kill him but couldn't because the people stood behind their bishop) had it build it from his inheritance for the poor workers and Pope Pius XII when he was still cardinal preached and confessed there regularly when he was the ambassador of the Vatican in Germany).

I will pray with it for the next two weeks and then send it on to aoise (I will pm you for your address, if that's okay). Maybe you should then pass it on to Shalom, as she is in Europe also. If more members who live in Europe sign on by then, maybe it should go them first to save postage. As for the rest of you, do you each want to decide who to send it to next? Someone from the list of course. :P

The passport thing is a lovely idea but I doubt I'm the best person for this. I'm terribly and hopelessly untalented when it comes to these things. I will try to get a picture of the Church and my town though.

I think this project will bring us even closer together! :D
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By LittleRed
When the rosary hits the US, count me in as well :D ....
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By 4Ualone
id love to take part in this one :)

i might be one of the last though - new zealand :?

Great idea Pandora :D
By marylover
I just pm'ed you Pandora, I really like this idea.

After Europe someone can send it to one of us in the US and we can forward to each other. This is a great idea!!
By Brother77
It would give me Great Joy to take part in this powerful train of Prayer!

Here in Canada my polar bare and I will enjoy our walks, that much more eh! (lol) just kidding!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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By Shalom
Pandora, I look forward to recieving the Rosary from Aoise when she has finished with it. :D
Aoise, just PM me for my address. :D
I feel this little rosary is going to make us closer to eachother in a special way. :D
Just think, each one of us will have held it in our hands, even though most of us have never met, amazing. :D

God bless
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By Pandora
Yay, I'm glad you all like the idea so much! :D . We are gonna make it into a SUPER rosary! :lol:

Ok, Shalom, unless someone else from Europe signs on until then, you will have to decide whether to send it to Australia, New Zealand, the US or Canada. Isn't this cool? Three continents and six countries so far!

Like I mentioned above, I think approximately 2 weeks would be a good time to keep. Unless someone thinks another time would be better?

We could also include a little slip of paper for the next person with the request to pray for the intentions on it.
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By Gael
Wonderful idea Pandora, you can include me also! :)
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By Francis86
I'd be happy to join in!
By marylover
maybe we should ge a map and get a list of our names and map it out.

Excited about this idea.
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By Pandora
Welcome in on the fun, Gael and Francis! We now have 7 countries! :D

So this is the list so far. I will keep it updated, so before you send the rosary on, check to see if anything has changed. Or maybe a moderator could make the list into a sticky? I have put CathyB after Marylover because I was told that they live in the same state and it would be even cheaper.


Pandora - Germany
Aiose - UK
Shalom – UK
Gael – Ireland

For the United States:

Cathy B

For Canada:


For United States II


For Australia :

Leo daly

Europe II


Mt. Carmel
heavens ray



United States III

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By LittleRed
I think I will post this thread as a sticky so it doesn`t get lost in the mix :D .......
By marylover
this will be somethig to really look forward too.
By Cathy B

Boy, I can't wait until the rosary are in my hands, W-O-W.

Judi, maybe we can meet for lunch or dinner. Instead of paying postage we can leave our waitress a good tip :D :D :D

Your Hoss's or mine????

Good Bless,
Cathy B

Hail Mary..
By marylover
good idea Cathy. But you know not being selfish or anything --the later we get the rosary the more pictures we get to see from Europe, Australia. Like Leo said, take a picture of the parish church. 8) yes looking forward to this. :)

oh and how I would love to deliver the rosary to Germany or Ireland, that would be neat. BUt for now the post office is the next best thing :wink:
By Cathy B

Yeah, your right but, I still can't wait !!

God Bless,
Cathy B

Hail Mary..
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