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By Luka
Many people are asking me how to post pictures on the forum. I had to answer that question too many times, and as more and more users join our forum every day, i'll have to answer that question many more times.
That's why i decided to make this easy-to-follow tutorial on how to post pictures on forum!

1.) Go to http://imageshack.us/. When you get there click on "Browse..." button as shown in the picture below:


2.) A new window will pop up. In that window locate you're picture on your hard drive, select it and click "Open" button as shown in the picture below. The pop up window will close after you click "Open" button.


3.) Now Press "host it!" button as shown in the picture below and wait a few moments while you're picture uploads...


4.) After you're picture uploads, you'll see all sorts of different codes. Only one of these is most suitable for the forum. Look where it says "Thumbnail for forums (1)"! Right click with you're mouse on it and press copy as shown in the picture below:


6.) Now go to where you writte your messages on the forum. Right-click with you're mouse and click paste as shown in the image below:


7.) You're code is now pasted here... Writte what other text you want and post you're message. If you want, you can always first press "preview" button before posting your message to see if you're picture is visible.

That's all.
I'm going to lock this thread because there's really no need for you to post any replies on this, and besides Sean and I will use this thread if we'll need to post any other tutorials on some frequently asked questions. This thread will also be "sticky", so it'll always be on top of all other threads.

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