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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Hi Luka,

After I had registered I went back and looked at the avatars available - the one I chose is not listed here. I assumed that it was available, but I have since noticed that another member had already been using that one. :oops: Please let me know what is available and I will choose a different one. If the one with the Blessed Mother and Child Jesus is still available, that would be great. Sorry for my error!
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By Amylisa
I didn't realize each avatar could only be used by one person! I love yours, mamamary.
I might try again to upload one of my own, that would free up the one I chose already in case someone else would like it.
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By Amylisa
Excuse me, just trying something to see if it works!
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By grandma-tex
Thank you for the beautiful avatars. I chose the animated one wit the pulsing sun. Thanks again
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By beachgal
Can I change mine?
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By OHLisa
I switched to this one if it's ok with everyone! Thank you!
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By DiscerningSoul
mamamary has the one I use on other sites but I hope this one I picked is not in use or if it is maybe someone could make a "scared heart" heart one for me?
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By starbright
The JohnPaullII one is now free. It's on the first page of this thread as being taken but I've got one I drew myself now so it's free again. Just thought I'd let everyone know.
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By danica-christine
Hello Amy-Lisa, my darling!

Just to let everyone know, you can use any avatar, whether it's taken or not. You'll see a repeat of avatars a few times, but it doesn't matter.

You can change to any one you like, no matter if it's already in use.

Those were the posts given by others, as well; just thought I'd repeat their words.

God bless you all, and especially my dear friend, Amy-Lisa! xx

By kim52
:? You very lucky to me if you even understand how to get to the forum. I have no idea of what I am doing other than logging in and out, I've figured out how to post though. I'm hopping maybe some time there will be an avitar for dummies botton!
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By well-named

I'll try to give you some instructions for selecting an avatar. You might want to copy the list to text editor or otherwise open a new browser window before you follow the links in the instructions, since you will of course lose the list if you follow a link in this window.

1) Edit your profile by Clicking on this link after you are logged in.

2) You should see a long web-form, starting with a section called "Registration information". Scroll to the bottom of this page, until you see a section called "Avatar Control Panel"

3) Click on the "Show Gallery" button in the avatar control panel

4) A screen with picture thumbnails should appear. Beneath every picture is a clickable circle. Click the circle under the picture you would like to use as an avatar. The circle should be filled in afterwords.

5) Click the "Select avatar" button at the bottom of the screen

6) You should return to the profile editing form. Your selected avatar should appear in the control panel. If so, click the Submit button at the bottom of the form.

If you have a custom picture that you would like to use as an avatar, but it is too big to upload, and you don't have software to change it's size, you could PM me and I'll tell you how to email it to me and I will get it setup for you, if you like.

Hope this is useful,

~ well-named
By Gael
I found this site which makes it very easy to change any pics you have into the required size to use as avatars....simply set the avatar size as 80.

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By Flo
Thanks Gael! This is perfect! :D
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By Susanne
I chose this avatar.
I hope it was still available
and that I got it right :)


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