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By thomas

I'll take this one. I think this is the picture that is on the cover of "Our Lady Queen of Peace Visits Medjugorje.." that was the first book I read about Medj. in the early 80's. Besides, I think I took Epiphany's avatar previously! Thanks again!
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By mcikath
:roll: Hi luka, i have given up for now trying to get a new Avatar, and i am in the process of finding some one who can help me.my cousin knows about computers, so iwill ask her after she comes back from holiday. I will let you know if i achieve it eventually.{Bottom of the class for me eh!}
love and prayers mcikath xxx :)
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By char

I've been away for a while but am glad to be back. Thank you, Luka, for the beautiful pictures. They were so lovely it was difficult to find the one that I wanted. Then I saw this one....not at first....but after a second and third look. To me it is the quiet one, the one that is not so noticeable...so it suits me. Quiet, sitting back, reading, learning and watching...but from a distance. Thank you.
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By Merlorrich
Welcome back Char. Your avatar/icon is quite peaceful and full of character. I think it is a good choice.
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By Maryschild

new avatar

thank you
Sandy (Maryschild)

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By Luka
I have no idea why it won't submit your request? Please check if the image i sent you is less then 94 KB in size, because if it's larger, then forum automatically won't accept it because it's too big.
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By Hopper
Funny thing the same thing has been happening to me. Gabriel listens sent me a beautiful avatar which I have been trying to download to my profile and it won't work. He resized it for me and it still won't work. I had one of my computer expert brothers working on it for me = resizing trying to put it into new formats and what not and it still won't work. He says it loads nicely on what ever test forum he was trying on his computer but it won't work here. Oh well I'm waiting for new avatars to come to the gallery - that no one has used yet. God bless,

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By Maryschild

Sharing with all my new avatar

Thank you,
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By Luka
Then it has something to do with the forum. Hope Sean can fix it soon.
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By egk888
I wanted to change my avatar,
it works from that page, but not from my profile...........??

This is the avatar I sent.

I can't get it to work.

Thank you,
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By gabrielListens
Just for the record, I tried changing my avatar, and then changing it back to the original that I had and neither uploaded so I think its safe to say it's something on the forum's side. :wink:
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By Seeker of Light
Thands very much Luka for the beautiful avatar.

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By Seeker
Not sure what the process for selecting an Avatar
Please let me know if I accidently selected one already taken, or one that someone else wants.

Seeker :oops:
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By 4HimthroughHer
I chose the one I call "The Annunciation"


Blessed are You amoung women...
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By Bert
Very nice avatars. Thank you.

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By Shalom
Thankyou Luka, I chose this one. Can't believe I've followed your instructions and it's worked.
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By rogertc
According to the writings of St. Ann Emerich She says under ectasy that when Jesus was born the Virgin Mary bath the Holy child and a poor old woman begged to have the bath water to bath her young baby boy who had lepasy , Instantly after bathing her son he was clean and cured of that dreadded desease. Her son was the good thief who died with Jesus that day of the crucifixtion.

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By beachgal
I chose this one and thank you for posting them!
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By RosaryChica
I chose this avatar. Please let me know if anyone has already taken it! Thank you!
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By Maypop
Thankyou Luka!
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By GranJan
Hi everyone,

I am a newbie this month and I just saw where I could upload an Avatar picture. I was wondering how everyone had such nice pictures.

It was, of course, hard to choose. I wanted them all too. But, I chose Padre Pio because I feel especially attached to Him. (Padre Pio had a great love for Jesus and Our Blessed Mother.) Whenever I start to pray my rosary, I add this: "I pray that the soul at the top of Purgatory be lifted into Heaven this day and that the soul at the bottom of Purgatory be lifted higher this day."

FYI - Padre Pio received the Stigmata on September 20, 1918.

Thank you for this wondeful Forum. Love, Janice
By Cathy B
Hi GranJan,

Welcome to the forum :D. I just love Padre Pio too :wink: I have a little prayer I use when getting in the car to go somewhere, I say, Padre Pio please send you angels in front of the car, behind the car, on top of the car, under the car and all the way around the car in Jesus Name I Pray..

Have a wonderful time learning here on the forum :D

God Bless,
Cathy B
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By mamamary
yes, padre pio is my best friend too! i just love this little saint!! everyone on the forum knows how i bug him all the time :oops:

it would be the greatest thing in my life if i could make it to san giovanni rotundo this summer when his remains will be exhumed and on display for pilgrams to offer prayer.

wouldn't that be great to stop by and say 'hi'?

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