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And his mother an ex-Catholic.

What does it say about European Catholicism where you have people rejecting Jesus in favour of Mohammed (a man who resembled Jesus in no way at all)?
What can we all learn from it? And does it indicate that Catholics in Europe are nominal at best?
This tiny aspect of a terrible atrocity shines light on the horrendous health of the Church in Europe.
maryannlucy wrote:Something that I didn't know http://dcwhispers.com/rather-odd-troubl ... n-leaders/
Generally speaking, pregnancy is seen as a disease by young Europeans.
At the same time, Europe needs young people so it's necessary to bring in people (from other cultures) who still regard family as more important than career or ambition.
Many people complain about immigration from Islamic countries, but they are the only ones still having lots of children. They have the family values that Catholic Europe used to have.
Sad times..

Message, 25. June 2020 “Dear children! I am […]