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Dear family and friends,

Sending this LifeNews.com story on censoring pro-life news, . . .Important for all to know,
lease  take some time to read.

https://www.lifenews.com/2018/08/01/fac ... way-boxes-

An email to Facebook has not been returned requesting information on why
this LifeNews story was censored.

We, the undersigned, call on Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube to stop censoring
pro-life content, pro-life groups,
Please see the Public Signature List -- from: April 10 , 2018 to Oct. 2018 --  I listed the last page.
and  please click on the word view  to read their replies
Public Signature List  of 7424
https://www.gopetition.com/signatures/a ... l?page=149
Apr 10 2018 LifeNews.com

S/C/P - State, County or Province
Dates displayed in the signature list are based on UTC/GMT
Anonymous signatures signify people who have chosen not to display their names publicly
A comment in gray indicates that the signer has hidden their comment from public view
Petition Public signature list

Not sending for you to sign, but for you to know what is going on concerning the unborn babies,
What about their rights as children of God, and they are children. 
There is so much evil in our world of. today and in the highest places.
Please, be true Christians.

We must pray every day!
Love, Mom, aunt Sandy, Sandy

I sent this email to my family and friends.
It breaks my heart about our little, precious babies, and this evil of abortion.
In my heart I know these precious babies are with our Holy Mother of God,
since they all need a mother's love, Her arms are always open to Her Children,
and remember Jesus' awesome love of children.

All my love,



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