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By Francis86
I won't go into too much detail..but I have been going to Christian church services lately. I am Catholic and I truly believe Jesus Christ is present in the blessed sacrament, but I have been able to combine both services. We have no Catholic charismatic churches close by, so I love the fact that I can go and praise Jesus in a more lively and joyful atmosphere. Many from the Church are also Catholic, looking for the same thing I am. The pastor is also a former Catholic. Many times during the service I have gone to get prayed over and I have actually been slain in the spirit, which feels unlike anything I have ever felt before. In the Catholic church, i have never experienced this?
I am also attending prayer meetings and youth nights once a week. One night I felt compelled to get up and talk, i firstly told everyone how very shy I was and that I don't speak much. Once I start talking about God, that is a different story, I can't stop lol. So once I finish what I was saying, they were speechless lol they told me that I soudned like a preacher and that I had a wonderful gift from God. The pastor was amazed and said that God had truly wonderful things planned for my life. I did however feel a little silly about myself, because i wondered how can I go about preaching to others when I struggle to do the things myself. For example, I can say to someone you need to pray more, but I know for a fact I don't pray as much as I should.
I know that it may not mean much, but i feel that God has called me to where i am right now. I have found that my relationship with Jesus is becoming more and more stronger every day. It's so good to be around other youth in the Church, i have been welcomed with such open arms.

Please say a prayer for me that I may do God's will and not mine

God bless
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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Francis I don't see anything wrong with attending both churches. You've mentioned before that you haven't found many younger people at the Catholic Church and were looking to find people your age. No reason you can't continue to attend Mass and then this other church as well for fellowship. As long as they respect your choice to practice your Catholic faith it sounds wonderful. Who knows - you may convert some there to Catholicism and have someone to go to Mass with as well! :D
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By starbright
I agree with Spirit. I hope this all continues for you, Francis!
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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Francis if a lot of the people attending there are also Catholics, maybe you could organize yourselves into a group and have a charismatic prayer group meeting at your Catholic church. You never know how many others would be happy to have this available. You can also have some "social" events as everyone likes to get together with others and have fun as well as pray together. Of course you'll need to talk with your pastor. Maybe you could find another Catholic church which does have a charismatic prayer group and ask them to either come to your church to help you get started, or give you some info on how to start a group. Just a thought.
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By starbright
I wish I lived near you, Francis, because I would help you set one up (not because I know anything, I'm just keen to get involved with this kind of thing). We could muddle through together.
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By Mercedes
Francis, I am involved with the charismatic movement in a suburban Philadelphia (USA) church. I also have friends who are non-Catholics that are charismatics as well. This movement has truly enriched my life and the lives of my non-Catholic friends. I do not know what is available in your area, but am giving you this link below to see if you can contact someone that can help you. There are articles on this website that explains the Charismatic movement, its origins and I believe how to go about forming a chapter in your church. My prayer group is led by a priest, as it should be. If you have a local Catholic Church near you, discuss the possibilty of forming a prayer group with your pastor. At our Church we have monthly masses and afterwards, we have a social gathering in our hall. During our weekly prayer group, we have praise and worship, and series teachings on certain topics , such as the sacraments, the gifts of the spirit, etc. We just had a teaching on Matrimony the other night. Next week is Holy Orders.

Good luck. You're in my prayers!

Mercedes :D

http://www.holyspiritinteractive.net/fe ... icrenewal/
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By rogertc

I know exactly what you mean, Ever since I redecovered my Catholic Faith over 15-20 years ago after being a Protestant for so long.

I feel like our Blessed Mother Mother gently but firmly grabbed me by my ear, brought me back to this side of the pasture and reinvigorated my Love for the Gospel, Rosary & Catholism I just can't get enough I don't think I could settle for greens beans anymore when Meat & Potatoes, Fish, & deserts are offered up on the table of Jesus & Peter the Apostle so to speak. Speaking metaphorically of course.

Nothing wrong with with our Protestant Brotherrs and Sisters but the richness of our Catholic Faith is more than I could ever imagine. I am so thankful for it evermore. God Bless you and may you continue to grow in our Fathers Love.
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By rogertc

I'm glad at the joy you've found in blending multil worship services nothing wrong with that for sure. But for me nothing, I mean nothing compares to what we have in our ancient Catholic Faith and the Blessed Sacrament of the Alter given to us by Jesus Christ Himself in year 33 almost 2000 years ago.

If God had anything better for us He'd of given it us through His Son ; the same Jesus Christ , and for me nothing else comes close.

One day , and that day is not today but soon enough Scripture tells that "...Every knee shall bend and even tounge proclaim that Jesus Christ Is Lord of All ..."


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