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By fost35
Hi everyone:

well I'll make long story short. My wife and i are trying to have a baby. I have been praying to St. gerard, St. Anne, and the Blessed Mother for their intercession before God. I have also been saying the rosary daily.

So the other day I was waiting outside confession and I was praying the chaplet of st. anne. I also said "Okay guys, if you can hear me can you at least give me some sort of sign?" So after i prayed and was waiting my turn, I opened up the Mass booklet.

Now there are thousand of stories in the bible and in the mass booklets....which one do I open up to....the story when the angel appears to Mary and asks her to be the Mother of God...if that isnt a sign, i dont know what is!! Hopefully its a GOOD sign!!!!

but if you could say some prayer for my wife and I then it would be very appreciated and I'll keep everyone posted.

bless you all and bless our Lady!!
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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Praying for both of you. Please share the good news with us when you can. :D

Hail Mary ...
St. Gerard, pray for them.
St. Elizabeth, pray for them.
By fost35
SHE'S PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for the prayers. we are so excited. we found out lastnight with a home pregnancy test. We are going to ake an appointment with the doctor tomorrow just to get it confirmed. i think she is about 5 weeks so PLEASE KEEP THE PRAYERS COMING for the baby if you have any spare moments out of your day!!

and I just want to say that I REALLY wish that people today knew the power of prayer and didnt turn to other things that in the long run wont help them.

we were having some medical complications with her family history and some medical complications with myself. I prayed the rosary (which were my uncles that we blessed in Medjugorje and are now gold), novena's to Saint gerard and Saint Anne, went to mass daily, went to a healing mass and offered my healing up for my unborn child (who i didnt even know I had at the time), and went to confession and offered up my sins for God's intervention....and look what happened!!

This is just an example that God may sometimes not answer all of our prayers the way that we want (his time he did) but it shows that but Him and Jesus and Mary will always answer us, always guide us, and, most importantly, are always with us.

God Bless and please keep the prayers coming!!

god love you all!
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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Wonderful!!!!! God is good!!!!

Continuing to pray for both of you and your baby. :D

Hail Mary ...
St. Gerard, pray for them.
St. Elizabeth, pray for them.
St. Joseph, pray for them.
By marylover
Congrats, that's amazing! Power of Prayer.
By Enam60
I am so happy for you both,this is the power of rosary prayer so keep praying
God bless you