Post your stories of conversion here. The seer Ivan says that conversion is a lifelong process.

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By lmg0913
My name is Lisa. I don't know how I have found God again, or why now, but I so needed it.
I grew up Catholic, but fell away from the church in high school.

So now some 25 years later, I am back. It began with the baptism of my son in May. I took a look at the world outside our door. The teenagers running around in tight clothing. The drugs in the streets and the negativity and poor influence of TV....meanwhile my family was begging for a baptism date. I was not into having it done. I had lost faith in the church. I was angry. I was tired, and I was so far from God. I wasn't a bad person, I just felt that in church wasn't how I wanted to pray.

SO while I refused to go to church, I managed to pray to St. Anthony whenever I lost my keys..and my wallet...and my cellphone...and I KEPT losing things, and in more frequency. It seemed the more I prayed the more I lost, the more I needed to again call on St. Anthony. How selfish of me...I wouldn't go to church, yet I'd pray when I needed something. What I really lost that I needed to regain was my faith, and I truly believe that he was calling me back to the church.

Meanwhile always answering my smallest prayers, St. Anthony seemed to pop up in odd places... My new writing buddy was Catholic and recommended the St. Anthony Messenger. I found a medal in my house of St. Anthony, though I really don't know where it came from. I began to feel that he was trying to tell me something.

Between that time and now, I don't recall how I came upon re-discovering information about Medjugorje but it pulled me to learn more, and to start saying the Rosary. Once I did that my heart opened up, I surrendered, and I felt alive again. In my heart, things finally felt right. My friends have been looking at me like I have a third head, because they know me to have been so steadfastly against going to church, but like I need to remember, it doesn't matter what people think because I know that my getting to know God and getting closer to our divine family through prayer is right. I feel in alignment with myself. I feel strong again. I feel that this devotion has saved me when I needed the strength to be a good mother!
By Steven
Welcome back, Lisa and welcome to The Forum. Many here are cradle
Catholics who fell away but have found their way again. You're in the
right place.

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By Flo
Welcome to the forum and welcome back. :)
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By lmg0913
Thank you for the welcome!
It is so reassuring to find joy and meaning in my faith, the mass, and support and community in the rosary.
Happy to be a part of this group,
By jed
Lisa: welcome home. It seems that St Anthony was playing games with you. He was hiding your keys and other personal items so that you start praying for him to get them back. :)

It is normal to get upset and turn against the church because of a priest who messes up. This happens often these days and many people are giving up going to church for that reason. But this is does not mean abadonning the faith. The Bible teaches us to listen to what they say and not to do what they do.

As a world wide community, this forum has members from all over the world; all meet in prayers for those who need them.

Just keep praying.
Hail Mary said.
God bless.
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By starbright
Welcome. I'm also a cradle Catholic who fell away. I came back 12 years later. So I understand. Some of my friends have trouble understanding how I can believe when I was anti-Catholic before, and it hurts and it's hard, but God is more important. They'll come round in time.
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By OHLisa
How wonderful for you! Welcome back to the Church! :D
By Philomena
St Anthony, St. Anthony please come around...SomeONE is lost and has to be found!...Thank you St.Anthony for bring Lisa home and welcome to this lovely forum Lisa! We hope to see you posting often. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us. :D
St. Anthony is a favorite of mine too! I don't know how the protestants make it in life without him! :D
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By Hopper
Beautiful story Lisa....had me teary eyed.

When I was about 15 I found a little clipping in a newspaper that if you send to this address you could get a St. Anthony medal free. Well free was the word I needed to hear as at 15 I had no money. I was sent the medal and a St. Anthony prayer booklet from the Franciscans so St. Anthony became a favorite of mine also. :D

Hopper :D

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