Post your stories of conversion here. The seer Ivan says that conversion is a lifelong process.

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By shygirl123
I am currently searching what is being asked of me by the Lord or Mary. I have had dreams where I have been told to say a novena for the souls in Purgatory and at the time not had any idea what a novena was. Half way through I stopped saying the novena after having a dream and seeing an absolutely horrid creature, which I am not sure was the devil. It was quiet for a while then I started seeing a cross on a hill and being told to say the rosary at that cross, which I still have not found to this day, I saw it daily and now I see it in dreams occasionally (with the same message). When I said my rosary the other day I had a vision of myself crying in the front pew of an empty church, where I am currently a member at, and Mary came and consoled me and held me close. I had such a great peace in my heart/soul for days after that. I have tried talking to the priest at my church, asking for a spiritual director but he has put me off and has given me numbers for nuns, saying I need to talk to them. I feel like I might be being called to be a nun, but I am married and I have a child. I can't put into words what I feel when I pray or have these 'visions'. Am I crazy or could be there some truth to what is going on...please can someone give me some path or guidance. Thank you and God Bless!!!
By Steven
Hi Shy,
I read your beautiful story and can relate to your wanting to enter Religious Life. I am married too but have had a yearning to be a Religious Monk. I even had this yearning before I married 23 years ago. So I just wanted to let you know you are not alone. And also, I have had numerous spiritual experiences. Am I crazy? I don't think so. I feel blessed that God has sought me out to get my attention. And I have to be careful and realize that I am no better than anyone else to deserve God's attention. Just another bozo on the bus of life trying to do God's Will and failing many times. But God has gotten my attention which has increased my awareness that I can serve Him better. Ivan said, to learn how to pray better, we have to pray more because praying more is a choice and praying better is a Grace given by God to those who pray more. We can serve God as married people. Keep in mind that Marriage is a Sacrament. In fact it was at The Marriage Feast of Cana that Jesus began His Ministry. Take care.
By Light

Your testimony is inspiring.

Keep looking for a Spiritual Director, but in the meantime keep saying the Rosary and whatever else, you feel the Holy Spirit is asking of you.

God Bless
By Ritacheryl
Hi Shy

Being married and a mother is a vocation too! In my experience being a good mother is one of the most difficult things to do in today's world.

Praying for you.

Holy Spirit, please guide Shy.
prayers for my husband please.

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