Post your stories of conversion here. The seer Ivan says that conversion is a lifelong process.

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By starbright
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By savedbymarie
May God bless him abundantly and give him his love and mercy in all his life.
Thank you Mother Mary, Mother of Mercy
thank you Jesus, our Lord and Saviour.
By Gael
After reading this the other day I thought I would consecrate my sister to Mary. She has distanced herself from our family and the Sacraments to the extent we rarely see her any more and I know she doesn't attend Mass any more. My mother informed me today that my sister called out of the blue, and is coming tonight to stay with her family for a visit. Mary does not take long to answer our prayers! I am confident she will return to her faith also with God's help.
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By Spera
Thank you Gabe. I will try this for my husband. :wink: :D

Spera :D
By Cathy B
Thank you so much sharing this with all of us Gabe, I just consecrated myself and my daughter Marie. :) I plan on doing the rest of my family
and the entire world in a little while.

God Bless,
Cathy B
By marylover
Thank you Gabe, that was very nice of you to share that. I consecrated a girl I work with to Mary. She doesnt like the Catholic faith and has caused a few controversies in our dept. She was particularily mean to me becuase I am Catholic. Sometimes she was just so rude when she would see me pray at lunch. At first I let her get to me, but then I consecrated her to the BVM and she seems to be nicer to me and my other coworkers. Mary is guiding her actions now! Praise God!

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By savedbymarie
Thank you for reading this.
It opens me a door on my prayer for others.
and I will try and pray in this way.
thank you.
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By mcikath
dear Gabe, thank for this lovely prayer and picture of Jesus and Mary--i have commended my friend to Them
Also what lovely news about your brother going to Confession, you must be delighted, love mcikath xxx
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By danica-christine
Thank you! Thank you! :D
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By mamamary
also try consecrating someone you don't love (or i should say, don't really like a whole lot!! :oops: ) pray for this person, and as padre pio would do, ask that this person be seated next to you in heaven!

i have found that praying for these people who may give us a hard time, or hold resentments toward us, really causes a wonderful change of heart for everyone concerned!

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