Post your stories of conversion here. The seer Ivan says that conversion is a lifelong process.

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By Wooday
Thank you Philomena and Tina for your beautiful and moving stories. I am grateful for this forum.

By Philomena
Thank you so much Tina for posting here...your story was so comforting and I am grateful that you shared. I wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone that this Friday (Good Friday) begins the Divine Mercy Novena. This is Jesus' own novena to Our Father and He asks us to join Him in it. God Bless all of you, have a blessed Holy Week and a beautiful Easter. Love, Philomena
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By OHLisa
Wow Philomena and Tina, those were fascinating stories. I just read them for the first time! Thanks for sharing!
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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Philomena, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful conversion story. Truly how blessed you have been! Like you, I was also struck with the knowledge that everything we have been taught in our Catholic faith is true! It was an awesome awakening for me. Thank you for sharing!

Tina, thank you also for sharing your beautiful story and how you have been personally touched by Jesus of the Divine Mercy! Wow!
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By tina
hi everyone.. there is not a day that goes by.. even after all these years that i do not recall the look on that little boys face when he reopened his eyes and beheld the love of ALL our lives.. Jesus.

my wish, my heart desires is that all of the world would open their eyes and behold HIM.. Jesus.. King of Mercy... especially those who have most need of it... the criminally insane, those who do not even know they live their lives in such dire sin and emptiness and death. my prayer is they be opened to his mercy.. respond to such abundant grace while they still can...

this Divine mercy week, as we focus on His most unfathomable grace leading up to Divine Mercy Sunday.. those of you who feel led.. please pray with me for those who have most need of His Divine mercy.. that they too may come to know the joy of His love.. the peace of His grace and that they may enter the kingdom of heaven and live and reign with Him.. forever.

thank you...

much love .. tina
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By mamamary
what a beautiful experience, tina....i have always felt in my heart that God's mercy eventually shines thru to all, regardless of their mental state, at death. his mercy is abundant.
By Philomena
Tina...I am praying with you as I have been led to do the same. Imagine my surprise to see that you have been inspired to pray the exact same prayer! Thank you to all of you for your wonderful posts.
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By tina
hi philomena!

yes.. i betcha lots of people have been led to pray for these souls.. seems like God is sweeping clean the whole planet.. calling for all who will says *yes* to Him these days.. it is so wonderful be be a part of so many others praying for those who do not yet know Him...

i can hardly wait for Divine Mercy Sunday.. my husband and i are driving 200 miles to billings Montana where they have a big celebration this year.. our little town does not celebrate it really.. but is is fun to travel and go to a different church and city....
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By Hopper
Read the article Phille. That's pretty scary - that they can take your organs by redefining death - before you're done using those organs.

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By OHLisa
I would be interested in hearing about your coma experience Philomena, if you wouldn't mind sharing it with us sometime.
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By missy
Thank you for sharing your's so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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By mjanosi
Great stories Philomena and Tina!!! I have added the Angelus to my daily prayers, thanks.
By ToddJohnson
hello, everybody

Something amazing happened to me about five minutes ago, let me start from the beginning.

I am currently a high school student, my parents baptized me, I went through first communion etc., but my parents really arent practicing catholics and the only time we go to church is on easter and christmas. I've always believed in God, and have tried to do the right things, although sometimes getting swayed in the wrong direction or just not knowing enough and doing the wrong thing... but recently, about a weak ago I was just sitting around and was randomly inspired to go online and find out about mary's apparitions, when I was young I remember my religion teacher speaking of mary appearing to young children. So I went online, and after doing a few searches found medugorje and remembered this was what she was talking about. So, the last few days I've been reading / watching a lot about medugorje, especially on this forum, I was even inspired to start reading the bible.

But, now let me get to the point of my story. So, this is probably the 5th or 6th time i've been on this forum, and I started reading this post. In it, I read Tina's story and saw her footer that talked about the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. This sounded like something I should definately do, reading how Jesus put so much importance on it, and that every single person should say it.

So I looked up online how to say the prayer (had some trouble, because how it was explained, you needed knowledge of how to say the rosary, which I also didn't fully know :( ), but I eventually figured it out. So I found an old plastic rosary I had in my room and started saying the prayer.

Then it happened, I had this amazing sensation of warmth, heat, and radiance as I was saying the prayer. This was in no way normal, I could truly feel Jesus in the room! My hands even started sweating, the first ten times I said "For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world." I just felt that radiating heat, and then it wore of. This happened at about 7:25, 11/28/2008, just 25 minutes ago. Immediately after I registered at this forum and started writing this.

This was truly an amazing experience, I won't forget it. Although I've never questioned God or anything like that, now I've actually felt his presence, I've always tried to pray before going to bed and say a Hail Mary and Our Father, but the power of this prayer is amazing! Five minutes after reading about Tina's story, and how the people in the hospital room felt that radiating heat when Jesus was in the room, I felt the exact same feeling, wow
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By Hopper
Wow Todd, wonderful. You certainly did feel the power of the Holy Spirit.

Keep at it...

Hopper :D
By Gael
Todd, thats fantastic! Please continue to share with us on the forum, and don't be afraid to post questions if there is anything we can help you with, about prayers or Medjugorje...we are all here to help each other out!
By Light

"this was a part of my coma experience 8 years ago...for those of you who do not know, during my coma I "experienced" the future - "

Can you reveal it?

God Bless
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By meghen
What an awesome story, thank you so much! When I found out that I am pregnant this time at 6 and the other 2 times when I would remember. I will make more of an effort now to say it all three times. I have to admit that I always feel a slight jealousy when others have these wonderful experiences, as I am not a mystic. But, thanks be to God that we can read about them and be inspired! I also pray the Chaplet almost every day at 3pm after reading St. Faustina's diary. 2 of my daughters were born at 3:03 pm, so close to the hour of mercy.
By Philomena
Welcome to the forum Meghan...don't be jealous at all because with the Grace comes the responsibility. Imagine my judgement day. Even I am frightened by it because I am so ordinary.
Blessed are those who believe and have not seen.
How awesome to see Our Lord and Savior! He definitely has plans for you! I would love to learn more of your experiences, can you PM me? In this time we are living in, I believe all people of faith should and must bear one another up; there are so many starving for the Truth. May you always be an inspiration to others; God bless you and all within your life's circle (and that goes for everyone on this Forum). :wink:
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By resresres65
Hi Philomena and Tina,
I have just read this thread and your amazing testimonies.
You are so blessed to see our Lord!
Philomena, I would really like to know about your coma experience. Could you please pm me?

God Bless.
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By Mt. Carmel
mjanosi wrote:Great stories Philomena and Tina!!! I have added the Angelus to my daily prayers, thanks.
Yes, I have added the Angelus to my prayer list as well. It gives me great joy to think that evil gets it's pants into a twist at the sound of it.

Wow, Philomena and Tina, what accounts, what privilege, what Divine Love and Mercy.

Philomena - God is Love and Mercy, also of great patience and forgiveness. Don't feel vulnerable that you are not perfect {welcome to the club!] Only the Blessed Mother was/is perfect among humans {apart from Jesus, and He was/is also God]. Regular mass attendance and prayer help us to keep temptions at arms length, well most of the time. For the rest of the time there are the precious gifts of contrition and confession, and reconcilliation. If we were perfect, there would be no need for such sacraments.

My mother, from Heaven, has told me one day I will join her, but she did not let me know if it was to be in one 'hop', or if I have to work some spiritual 'rite of passage' in Purgatory.

As bad as Purgatory can be, and it can be worse that anything we can imagine, all those souls are unanimous that they would not wish to exchange their place in Purgatory and the certaintity of Heaven and other knowledge and awareness that they have even in Purgatory, for a continuence of life here on earth.

'By their works ye shall know them'. Keep mitigating any bad works and practices by mass, prayer and good works. God loves a trier!

Peace and Love.
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By tina
dear resresres65 and mt. carmel...

yes , it never ceases to be amazing.. after all these years, not a day goes by i do not remember....

this weekend my husband and i painted the wall i have the Divine Mercy Image on. We placed a small water fountain underneath it.. and a flower arrangement... i have it at the top of my staircase so every time i go upstairs i am reminded of say a little prayer for those whom have need of Gods mercy...

i remember speaking with a priest shortly after i was blessed with seeing Jesus of the Divine Mercy take that little boy home... what he said at that time really stuck with me .. that being, " the grace of God is strongly upon you now...BUT lets see where you are 13 years from now!"

i often wondered how thru the years the Israelites who were led out of Egypt could be unfaithful to God after having such a powerful experience of the parting of the red sea....

As time passes it is easy to forget to give way to the ways of the world, ie. our passions... even if it is not 'sin'.. all the little things that take us away from the heart slowly almost i in perceptively.. quite frankly, that is my greatest fear.. and why the guarding of the heart is a priority.

what i find incredible is people who have NOT seen the Lord with the physical eyes yet after 13 years are still serving Him with their hearts wide open.. now that IS most amazing .. and i am deeply humbled to be in the presence of those with such hearts....hearts filled with faith and hope...

for me.. that is the miracle!

love tina
By Wooday
Thank you for the amazing stories on this thread, Philomena and Tina. They are very encouraging and help me be aware that the Lord is very present even when I can't see him. :D
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By Sheila55
Philomena, your story is just amazing.
I would love to hear about your other visions and mystical experiences whenever you are ready to share them.

however...what is the Angelus? Never heard of it...

You mentioned demons hated it...Did they leave once they heard it or did they just curse at it?

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