Post your stories of conversion here. The seer Ivan says that conversion is a lifelong process.

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By DorieK
I am wondering if I qualify to post in this forum. You see, I have felt called to be Catholic since 2000. I even went through RCIA in 2005. BUt I have not entered the church. THis is because my husband and kids are quite content and very involved in our Protestant church and not ready for me to convert. My priest has suggested patience and praying the rosary for this. I have also chosen St. Monica as she prayed her family into the church. I am waiting for them patiently as I do not want to take any actions that may jeopardize their faith choices. It has been becoming a LONG road and I definitely need patience and encouragement. Esp. because we attend a church that believes a lot of untruths about Catholicism. So any and all prayers are appreciated! :D
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By Loris
I join you in your prayers for the conversion of your family. :)
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By DorieK
I am grateful for your prayers. Thank you.
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By starbright
Prayer said for you and for your family
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By Hopper
Oh Doriek,

You sound like such a kind and loving person.
I can understand you not wanting to upset your family. Can you yourself attend both churches without upsetting them?

I'll pray you can come to some kind of compromise. God Bless, Hopper
By Philomena
Hi Doriek, I understand well your current trial. When I first started practicing my faith again, my husband did not understand what was going on, as my conversion was dramatic and overnight. He was also a protestant.
I could tell he felt he "lost" his wife, and didn't understand the sudden change in my behaivor. In a house where there was nothing, all of a sudden we had holy water fonts, crucifixes, rosaries dangling from the car rearview mirror, Jesus staring at you from every room at every angle. I never once told him what to do. I never once lectured or even talked about what was going on inside of me. I just followed our Lady's messages and asked her to make me a "carrier of peace" and she did. I would invite him always to go with me, but if he said no I didn't push. I knew all would be in God's time. Sure enough, in God's time it all happened, and dramatically for him as well. (At Fr. Rookey's mass) later on he told me, "I saw how much peace you had, and I wanted that too." When our Lady asks us to be carriers of peace, she knows that no words or even deeds will bring them in, but the peace that the world cannot give.
She has a plan from heaven, and if we follow it everything will work itself out. "Jesus I trust in You" :)
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By DorieK
Dear Philomena, thank you for sharing your experience as well. I truly appreciate it. It's great to know it has worked for someone! :lol: I am able to attend Mass, but alone. :cry: And I go with my family to their church. Thanks again for the encouragement and advice.
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By mcikath
:) Dear Dorie,i will pray for you in my Rosary, but dont worry, some of us here have members in our families that do not go to Church any more which saddens us but if we keep a bright and cheerful attitude in our faith and duties it does more than to force them all to go our way--i hope someday your family will join you in the Catholic faith, if it be God's Will for them-keep praying and enjoy your new found Faith, and remember the Rosary is the most powerful prayer ever --love and prayers mcikath xxx
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By DorieK
Still needing patience. I have been attending RCIA again this year, but will not be entering the church at Easter. This makes me sad. :( But one good thing is my husband no longer is against my attending the masses. He says he understands. But, he and my kids are still content where they are and do not agree with a lot of Catholic teachings.
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By starbright
Can you convert without them?
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By Shalom
Hi Dorie. My heart goes out to you. Have you got a rosary? If you have, pray it from your heart. Mcikath is right, it is powerful. Another thing to do is, consecrate your family to Our Lady. Meanwhile, I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

Love and blessings
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By DorieK
Thanks Shalom and Starbright. At this point, no. My priest also thinks I should wait on them and join as a family.
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By puddyhuston
Hi Dorie
I never saw your first posting last August as I was in Medjugorje then but will pray for you and your family.
I cannot understand why your priest said that to you, of course you can convert before your family if you feel you are called to be a Catholic. I know of families where one converted and then later on another followed and also families where only one is Catholic and it is fine.
I think you should become a Catholic next Easter, why not? I am sure your family will attend the Holy Saturday night Mass and maybe even get special graces from it, as it is a very beautiful Mass.
In the meantime keep reading on here, this forum is so beneficial to us all and also watch EWTN when you can. I have learned much on this forum even though I am a cradle Catholic of 58 years and went to Catholic and convent schools in Ireland.
Our Lady brought you here to learn more.

God bless
By marylover
I agree with Stella. Hubby and the kids will come around and I know that you have been wanting this for quite some time. The kids are young and in that state that they are trying to find themselves before they enter the adult world. I am surprised also the priest told you to wait. If you just keep going to RCIA without actually "becoming Catholic" you are just getting more frustrated. Dont do it now l it if you "truly feel" it will hurt your marriage--Mary knows, but keep praying.

You know I pray for you, but in this case mainly for hubby and the children that there eyes open to the Catholic faith, and they learn to dimiss their untrue beliefs about Catholics.

Trust in Our Lady and leave it at Her mantle tonight, you have wanted this so long!! I know your nights are long working the late shift but some mornings when you have off the next day, go to a morning mass on a weekday for strength. Even though its rough before I go to work, it makes me realize that all my problems of the day were left at the altar for Jesus to take care of.

I will keep praying especially for them.

By LilyoftheValley
If ou find the answer let me know for I too am trying to find a way to bring my family back to the Catholic church. My job will be a little easier than yours for they are already Catholic just not practising ones. My parents are in thier seventies so I have to work my magic speedily so they can see Jesus when they pass on. I want this for them so bad I pray all day for it. Good luck and my prayers are with you
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By DorieK
Thank you all for your wonderful support. It is truly appreciated. Bless you all
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By starbright
Lily, trust in God's mercy. It is likely that your parents will see Jesus even though they are not Catholic.
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By Maypop
May God bless the families of lily and Doriek. Ill be praying for you
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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Just a thought - have you connected with others in the RCIA program? Maybe you could arrange to meet someone at mass and sit together. I can imagine that otherwise it could feel very lonely

Lots of great suggestions were already given on helping your family to convert. Maybe you could talk with your husband about having some family prayer time - just praying prayers that are supportive of both religions. If he agrees, then you could pray together as a family. Silently you can ask the Blessed Mother to be present and help in your family's conversion.

Will keep your family in our prayers. God bless you!
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By Amylisa
I read your post and I will remember you in my prayers!
I know that is not an easy situation.
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By OHLisa
Dorie I will pray for you so that you may enter the Catholic Church with or without your family. I too think you could enter before them. May Jesus and His Blessedmake a way for it all to work out!
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By Amylisa
OHLisa wrote:Dorie I will pray for you so that you may enter the Catholic Church with or without your family. I too think you could enter before them. May Jesus and His Blessedmake a way for it all to work out!
Yes, that is what happened to me.
You might want to read some of Scott Hahn's books, especially Rome Sweet Home. He converted before anyone else in his family. It is not easy, but you do find strength in the sacraments, especially the Most Holy Eucharist!

God bless you, thinking of you and remembering you and your family in my prayers.

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