Post your stories of conversion here. The seer Ivan says that conversion is a lifelong process.

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By LilyoftheValley
I was born and raised Catholic and was church going until the last day of high school. I remember being saved one Eastern Sunday when I was a teenager. It was very overwhelming. Then I was old enough to party and I did. I did not forget about God,He was just put on the back burner. When I needed Him I gave Him a call. Then about seven years ago, out of nowhere, I received the calling to Lourdes. It was constantly on my mind then diminished to every now and then. Now at 45 I am being called to receive the words of Medjugorje and still of Lourdes. It is on my mind 24/7.
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By Hopper
Welcome Lily,

Hope this forum helps with your continuing conversion - that we all are on. Blessed Mother - the good Mother that she is - is obviously calling you and I believe led you here.

Hopper :D
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By mcikath
yes i agree Lily, we are being called to this forum and Our Mother Mary needs us so much to help her .I am going to Medjugorje for the first time in September, and i have also been to Lourdes several times [-it is wonderful there ] By the way, i love your name--we have a new baby in our family [she is now 14 mths old and beautiful and cute ] hope you enjoy our forum love mcikath xxx :)
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By starbright
Welcome, Lily.

Talk to God and move towards feeling aware of Him all the time.

Pray the rosary, fast and read the Bible, go to confession frequently and to Mass.

See God in other people.

Strive to offer all things you do up to Him.

Ask His advice all day.

These are the things I'm trying to do (and failing!) but I recommend them for getting closer to Jesus.

Good luck and God bless
By marylover
Welcome to the forum, Lily. What a pretty name.

I agree with Frances, I try to see God in everyone I meet, and ask for his advice all day. I pray alot and fast--but I struggle with fasting on food. :oops:

God Bless You--

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