Post your stories of conversion here. The seer Ivan says that conversion is a lifelong process.

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By missy

During my conversion a few years ago I was given a special gift. I was at an apparition with Ivan at a church in New Hampshire. After mass and returning to my hotel I suddenly felt so filled with peace and utter happiness. There really aren't words to describe it. I literally felt this special lightness in my heart and felt a genuine love for all. I was almost "giddy".....for lack of a better word.

The day before during confession the priest told me to "have joy in my faith". I experienced a joy beyond words. It lasted a day or two. Since then I've experienced it a couple of times on a smaller scale.

Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this?? I hope so. Thanks for letting me tell this. God Bless!!
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By LittleRed
Hi Missy, Welcome to the forum :D

I have had moments like the one you have described....

I remember once after I had come back from being in Medjugorje(my third trip there)...a fellow co-worker mentioned to me she noticed how peaceful I was since I had come back from there....which is saying alot being that I am a nurse and work on a unit that is quite hectic :D ....

Bless, Sharon
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By Hopper
Yes Missy - can you imagine what heaven will be like? The Holy Spirit will be able to flow through us constantly without any impediment and we will feel that way always and more....

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By missy
Thank you...I'm sure it will be beyond wonderful. Maybe someday I'll get to travel to Medjugorje too. Have a great day to you both and God bless!!
By LilyoftheValley
Being new to the Medjugorje scene, is Ivan always at the same parish during the time of his apparitions? If so,could you tell me where and when for I would like to be a part of this wonderful event. This information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Your friend in Jesus,
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By missy
Go to and scroll all the way down for his schedule. He travels to parishes where he is invited around the U.S. and the world during fall, winter & spring. He lives in Boston, MA during that period and in medjugorje late spring, summer &early fall. He's due to go to Ill. & Australia soon. Usually, there is the rosary, apparition, mass and speakers including him. Good luck and God bless!
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By mcikath
:) welcome to our forum Missy, love mcikath xxx
By marylover
Welcome Missy! :)

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By missy
Thanks for the kind welcome everyone! :D
By Cathy B
Welcome Missy :D and everyone else that I have missed :D :D .

God Bless,
Cathy B

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