Post your stories of conversion here. The seer Ivan says that conversion is a lifelong process.

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By OHLisa
And when we'll meet one day in heaven and finally stare each other in the face, WE HAVE to throw a big party up there!!!
That sounds like a great plan! :mrgreen: I love parties especially the thought of a Heavenly Party! :D
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By tina
dear izzy.. i just found this thread.. and will pray for you beginning today at the hour of the divine mercy.. know you are loved deeply and in time the hunger for any drug goes away...

you are under great grace... and also know that the enemy will do all within his power for you to drop back into ignorance.. fight hard by keeping your mind focused on gods love for you! not all those little thoughts that then affect your emotions come from within you... i hope i am not coming across as sounding paranoid. i am not.. i just know that when a person who has been oppressed for years begins to come in to the light of God.. the opposition does not like it.. they have no power over you in Christ Jesus.. but they like to hit you where you are the weakest.. usually our senses.... via the mind.

i am with ya...

love tina
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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Oh I am so looking forward to that party!!! What should the banner say so we know where to meet? How about "Medjugorje Forum Reunion"? We'll need a large cloud with almost 4500 members and counting! If I'm not there please pray for me to get there! :D
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By izzy_682
Sounds good Spirit! And of course you'll be there!!!
We should hire a band. Does anyone know of any good bands in Heaven? :D
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By starbright
Hmm good bands in Heaven ... St Peter and the Rocks!
By Steven
Hello izzy_682...Just checking in to see how you are doing. I hope
all is well.

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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Izzy, are you okay? I'm praying for you!
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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Izzy Happy Day Before Your Birthday! Please pop in and let us know you're okay and breathing! :D
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By OHLisa
Prayers continue!
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By izzy_682
Lol! I'm ok and breathing! The celebration started early, that's all! I'll get back to you guys soon. Thank you for your continued prayers and concern (oh Spirit! :shock: )
Talk to you guys (gals) soon!! :-)

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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Good news!!! :D Bad Spirit, bad. How could Spirit think that! :shock: So glad Spirit was wrong!!! :D

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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Okay Izzy. We're waiting ...

(can you hear the sound of fingernails drumming on laptop?)

... patiently! :mrgreen:
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By izzy_682
Ok, sorry guys if I don't hang out as much on here lately. I just haven't been feeling like it lately (like I told Spirit in a private PM, I've been sulking).

Spirit: Knock knock! :shock:
Izzy: Who's there? :mrgreen:
(sorry, I'm not very good at this game. Being francophone and all! lol)

Other then that, I started taking my new pills and I've finally had a very satisfying night of sleep. I'm also happy about the fact that they are non addictive and that I will wake-up if need be unlike other sleeping pills. The shrink recomended that I go to these group therapy things. Might be fun, I'll have to try them out.
I can't wait to start working!! The days are getting warmer and things are starting to flower! I saw my first crocus today!!!

Spiritually... I was feeling on a spiritual high last week. Now I'm experiencing a bit of dryness and I can also see how the senses and the inner-self are conflicting worlds. I feel a little torn in between.

I'm also mad, because -some- people on this forum assume too much and think they got (good) answers for everything. I do realise that they think they are helping me. Well, they are not always of help. Prayers help, because then I am illuminated and instructed by a higher power. It's a whole lot more effective then any human advice I can get. I'm sorry if this offends anyone but I can't keep this on my chess and keep hanging out on this forum like nothing bothers me. STOP ASSUMING. You don't have the capability or charism to see everything and everymoment of my life. You know who you are.
Also, respect my pace. I can only change at a certain pace. I can't snap my fingers or wigle my nose and change overnight. A tree doesn't produce fruit overnight. It's gotta start somewhere. I know my faults, believe me I DO. I AM NOT TRYING TO LIVE IN DENIAL OF MY FAULTS. But allow me to germinate, to slowly grow, to put on leaves, then flowers and eventually fruit! plllllease!!! Respect my pace!
You know, there is a reason why I want to go to Medjugorje. I wouldn't want to go if I didn't feel like I didn't need it. I NEED IT!
I'm not too sure why I wrote that last sentence, but yeah! Anyway...

Thank you for keeping me in your prayers. I do keep reading the posts on the forum and following the threads that interrest me most. Sorry for being a "silent seeker" at the moment.


PS- I want to apologize again if I offended anyone. It is not my goal to sound ungreatfull.
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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Answer to Knock Knock - Spirit who's so sorry if I've hurt you in any way.

I had to check the internet for the meaning of francophone - so now that I know it means a French speaker in the future I'll rephrase the question to toc, toc?

I'm so sorry about any advice I've given - it's a fault of mine. I most certainly don't have all the answers, in fact most days I'd settle for having one or two for myself. I just pass along something and if it can be used - great and if not - no problem - just ignore it.

I'm so glad you've been able to sleep better. Signs of spring are finally showing up here too!

I'll keep you in my prayers.
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By starbright
Me too. Sorry if I offended, and also I too just tell you things I hope might help and then you can take or leave it as required.

If you're francophone with good English you might appreciate this joke...

Toc, toc.

Qui est-ce?


Losti qui?


:lol: well I thought it was funny when my sister told it to me :lol:
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By izzy_682
Lol!!! Actually, we don't have "Toc! Toc!" jokes in french. :D Whenever someone goes and say "knock! knock!", I'm sorry to say I just stare at them with a blank expression. It just doesn't come to my mind that it's an -interactive- joke and that I'm supposed to SAY SOMETHING!! lol! Yeah.... it makes for lightly embarassing moments.
There is another joke I had a huge problem understanding and it's when my name was used to say this line:
Is a bell necessarily on a bike?
Isabelle necessarily on a bike?
I had the guy repeat it 30 times before I finally got it!!! Yeah.. that was pretty bad. lol! :lol: :lol: :lol:

It's a good one Starbright, but I'd avoid spreading it. It's actually somewhat vulgar. Lol! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm not saying that all advices are bad!! Just the ones the are far fetched are... well, far fetched and sometimes offensive. And believe me, I don't get offended very easily. I just don't like that people try to diagnose the reason of all my hurts. I have a vocabulary thick medical record and it's not for nothing.

But on the bright side, I HAVE received excellent spiritual advice from everyone on this forum. You just... gotta stop trying to figure me out. I'm fairly simple minded, but my body has a mind of it's own.

Thank you all for your help and prayers.

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By OHLisa
(((Hugs))) You have a great attitude Izzy! Thanks for being so open and honest with us! Prayers continue for you! Praying also for us all to be tactful and Christlike in whatever we post! I'm sorry if I offended you in any way.

By Steven
Hello izzy_682. I'm glad you posted how you were feeling about some
of the advise you were given. I'm sure it was all given in good faith. Your
honest response could be nothing less. Thank you.
I find it interesting that you are a 'landscape lady.' When I first came
onto The Forum, I posted about a spiritual event that occurred in my
life. I titled it "The Landscape Lady." Here is the link if you are
interested. You can skip over the first few paragraphs to get to the
story of when I was a door-to-door salesman: ... ght=#28571

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By izzy_682
It's funny how some encounters can change us for the rest of our lives. I used to be one of those believers who thought she could believe without ever going to church! Kind of like Matt at the moment. He believes in "something", just not in "religion".
But when I used to live in Italy, I came accross a paper written by a priest from the local parish. He was talking about "Frifri" and "Froufrou", the babies of this lady pigeon who decided to build her nest on the parish premises (right under the roof, at the back of the church, where Don. Romolo goes and prays). He had, sort of, unofficialy adopted them.

If the priest had written something else, it wouldn't have caught my attention. But I love pigeons the same way I love dandellions. I really do love these things, because they are "social rejects" just like I used to be in high school when I had to deal with chrons disease and all. So here was this priest, writting about these two baby pigeons in the parish paper! I had to see him talk!! I had to go to mass and see this person. And I was struck by his great charism. You should've seen him talk to children during one particular mass. He was a huge factor in my conversion in those days...

I know it's weird for a landscaper to say that I love dandellions, but really though, I do! :lol:

that's great that this special person that give you the "faith bug" was a Landscaping Lady!! :D I'll admit, I do the things I do also because I don't want to stay trapped in an office all day in an artificially controlled environement. I think landscaping and gardening are among the most beautiful jobs in the world because we help others feel closer to God, surrounding them with His creations. Unfortunatly, I have come to know that it doesn't always benefit ourselves. I worked in a horticultural garden last year that was FULL of scandals to a point where I felt I couldn't work there anymore.

But my ultimate long term dream is to create my own garden or sanctuary and allow people to have a nice moment with God in it. I was profoundly touched by an article about a woman who has such a garden and people keep telling her how much peace they get from walking in it.
I want to do the same to one day!

I want gardening to be my way of promoting peace!
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By OHLisa
What an awesome dream Izzy! I hope it becomes a reality!

Have you ever seen the movie "Just Like Heaven" starring Reese Witherspoon? I think you would really like it if you didn't see it already. There were just a few parts in it that didn't need to be in it, but otherwise it was a pretty decent movie. I thought of it because there were some beautiful scenes in it of flower gardens!

Lisa :)
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By mamamary
i know what you mean about dandylions, izzy!

i grew up in the mountains, where no one manicured their lawns, whatevery spring flower came to the yards were little gifts from heaven.

my favorite memories were waking in the warm sping mornings to see the gentle yellow of dandylions covering the land!

the my grandfather and the other old italian men, would pick the tender young flowers for a salad. delicious!! of course, we would never dream of doing such things now with all the chemicals on the lawns today!!
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By starbright
I saw a whole load of dandelions and daisies on the grass as I walked across some derelict land on my way from the supermarket to the bus stop. They really made me feel happy. They're such cheerful flowers and they signify Spring and Summer. When I was a child we used to make daisy chains and wear them as necklaces and bracelets

In case your dandelions and daisies are different to ours (like the US robin and the European robin), here are pictures of both flowers: ... %26hl%3Den ... %26hl%3Den ... %26hl%3Den
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By mcikath
Dear Izzy, when i next say my Rosary, i will offer up a decade of it for you
that you will find the Peace of Jesus in your heart. May God help you to be able to finance your trip to Medjugorje, and that it will be sooner rather than later that you are able to go there. May the Queen of Peace wrap Her mantle around you and keep you safe, also keep going to Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, cos you are very fortunate to have this blessing in your Parish. We have it in our Parish and i find it a great consolation, God bless you love mcikath xx
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By izzy_682
Something weird happened today. I was weeding away in the flower beds of this property and I was meditating on something a someone once told me that I had liked very much in the past: in the eyes of God we are like a little ant drowning in a puddle of water. But the Master saves us (the ant) from drowning.
So I was thinking of how small we are in the eyes of God and how He cares so much for something so small. And I kept asking to God: but why do you care? Really though, why do you care?
I remember feeling something inside of me really strong when I asked that because I felt that my thought had been translated into a prayer. I felt that I was speaking to and beeing heard by God. It was a very strong feeling!

I haven't been praying much I'll admit.

I didn't really get an answer yet to that question. But I just find it a really weird coincidence that after work, my employers asked me if everything was ok and if I had any question for them. Then seemed worried about me. And Matt sent me a txt msg on my cellphone and left a note on the computer to remind me that he loves me. He doesn't usually do that much, so it was a little unusual (unless he's done something bad and I won't know it till he comes back from work. who knows whith guys?)

I dunno... maybe I'm over analysing everything.

I also have been deeply touched by what Leo_Daly said about if I feel like spending more then a week in Medjugorje, its maybe because I'm beeing called/invited to by our Mother. To think that she would care enough to want me to stay longer then a week... well, I'm crying just thinking about it!

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