Post your stories of conversion here. The seer Ivan says that conversion is a lifelong process.

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By jeunes toulon
Hello, sorry, but I french ;), I just post on our diocesan website the interview of Paddy Kelly, about his conversion and the importance of Medjugorge for his conversion.
Really sorry for all the people who don´t understand french ... but I ll pray the the gift of language (a french who write in english, it is really a first miracle!) ... -rock.html

God bless you, pray for me, for us, for our diocese of Frejus-Toulon in France.

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By starbright
Bienvenue! J'espere que vous trouvez ce <website> tres interessant et que vous trouvez des amis ici. Excusez mon francais, il est des annees depuis que je l'ai parle. Et je n'arrive pas a retrouver les accents sur cet clavier anglais. Bienvenue!
By Gael
Bienvenue Greg! :) et merci beaucoup!
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By Hopper

Welcome to the forum jeunes toulon!

Hopper :D
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By MedjAdmin
Wow, this gives me an idea. Should we have some separate Medjugorje Discussion sections for other languages? We'd need some bilingual members to help moderate. For a start, I would like to see French, Italian and Spanish, and perhaps then we could expand later. What are your thoughts? And are there any volunteers for help?
By Gael
I think its a great idea and would love to help but I wouldn't have the required level in any language...I'm just high school standard in French, German and Irish. I know there are some very fluent and also native speakers on the forum though so it would be great if you get them involved.

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