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It is remarkable but my knees (in particular the left one) and my very tough asthma have improved remarkably. I took 3 months of rest from Kendo and exercise to heal, and it seemed to have worked. I have to say though, the improvement has been significantly more then what I had anticipated and it makes me very happy.

I was actually thinking for a long time that I would have to give up Kendo because of these two problems, but now I have returned and believe that I can continue.

I still am not 100% with my breathing but it is significantly better. My knee functions just fine however.

Also, my relationship with my Sensei has improved as well as has my attitude towards him and my kendo.

Thank you so much for your prayers,

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By starbright
Great news.
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By Flo
I'm so happy for you dearest. Continued prayers. :)
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By LittleRed
Hi BK,

I had to look up Kendo to see what it was...looks like it would take a toll on the body.....your body was letting you know it needed rest.....I am glad to hear you are better :D .......

My Sarah(age 10) suffers with bad asthma as well.....she participates in karate and I feel that has helped with her asthma :D ......

By marylover
thats good news. Hope you feel alot better soon.

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