Tell us about prayers you've had answered.

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By bmarie
I'm new here. I wanted to share something that happened last year. There were several "tough" things that I wanted to pray about. These were problems other people were having. Somehow, after looking at a list of novenas, I decided to pray a novena to Our Lady of Good Remedy.

I had never prayed a novena before. I prayed the prayer once a day for nine days, and on the night of the ninth day, after it was finished, I had an interesting dream. It was the last dream of the night, so I remembered it very well. It started out as a usual, silly, incoherent dream. I think I was standing in a hall, like in high school, in front of a locker, and some people were in front of me doing something. But then, someone tapped me on the shoulder in the dream and I turned around to my right, away from the action in front of me. There was John Paul II! He had white hair, but looked really great, very healthy and happy. He had warm eyes and was smiling at me. He said to me very clearly, "The Father has heard your prayers". He also said something else, but I don't remember what, I just know that whatever he said gave me such an immense feeling of joy, it was overwhelming. And then I woke up.

Pretty cool, huh? I haven't seen any changes in the people that I prayed for so far, but I trust that God's taking care of them.
By marylover
that is neat. There is nothing better than a dream about JPII.

welcome!! :)

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