Tell us about prayers you've had answered.

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By Tessa88
This happened back in 2000 at Medjugorje, and I thought I'd share this wonderful story.

I was there on Pilgrimage. It was June 13th - the Feast of St Anthony.
It was a very Hot day (105 degrees!!) and only 3 of of were on the top of Apparition Hill one afternoon. None of us knew each other.

I and another lady were sitting in different areas quietly praying our rosaries.

A middle aged man was walking around appearing to be searching for something and speaking a language we were'nt very familiar with (we later learned it was Italian).

After a period of time, he told us in English that he had lost his eye glasses. The other lady and I joined him in searching for them. We must have covered the whole area several times. We began to ask Mary to help us, and then the man recalled that it was the Feast of St Anthony and we also asked for St Anthony's assistance.
Suddenly - we spotted the glasses - laying neatly folded atop a large rock which we had gone past many times.
We were sure they had not been there previously!!

All 3 of us were so Happy and Amazed at the recovery of the glasses and said Prayers of Thanks to Mary and St Anthony!
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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Tessa what a wonderful experience to have had! St. Anthony is awesome!!! :D
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By Flo
I never tire hearing the amazing stories of the power of prayer. :) TFS!

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