Tell us about prayers you've had answered.

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By Laura
Hi! Yesterday I told my story about being abused and still living with my parents. Well today I got the best answered prayer from God. He got me a new apartment and I'm so excited about moving out and being on my own! I've lived with this abuse for so long, my father never talks to me or says he loves me, my mother doesn't offer any comfort and sometimes I get so mad! I really believe in the power of prayer! My application hadn't gone through in May 08 so we had to fill out another one but to get that phone call today was simply divine intervention! I need friends so if you want to write to me you can at
Love, Laura
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By Flo
I'm glad to hear you have a place of your very own. :) Continued prayers.
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By kenneth
I am so happy for you Laura thats great to get a place of your own :D Praise God :D

God bless you
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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Laura that is wonderful news! Please let us know how the move goes and all. I'm continuing to pray for you. :D
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By LittleRed
Congratulations :D ......

God is good!!!

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