Tell us about prayers you've had answered.

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By mama'sboy
Hi everyone I just would like to share with you the story of how I felt that Our Mother Mary really does care for us. When we were kids, maybe as young as 6yrs old our aunt enrolled us to be members of the Miraculous Medal Apostolate. But since we were young then we did not give that much thought about the medal and we did not keep it so it just got placed somewhere within the house. Fast forwad to the year 2005, I'm already a grown man and unfortunately was faced with a very big problem. Good thing about it is that I started to get close to God, Jesus and Our Mother Mary even before I knew I had the problem so it made me more comfortable in seeking their help, knowing that I did not just call on them and ot tried to get close to them when I was in need. Now I have been praying most of the time during that troubled times; while I was walking to work, when I was seated in a trike(a means of public transport here in our village), while at work. Now one particular morning while walking to go to work, and hailing a trike to ride I was actually deep in prayer, and I was then saying the Hail Mary as soon as I sat on the trike, but I said to myself that I hoped or wanted to see an image of our Mother atleast, and lo and behold once I looked up, since I had my head bowed down in prayer I saw that the trike had a sticker of Our Mother Mary as the LAdy of the Miraculous Medal. And I was so happy seeing the sticker of Mama Mary, somehow an answered prayer, to make my faith stronger, but then I remembered that we did used to have iraculous medals when we were kids and I then said to myself I would like/love to have one again, I said to myself that I'll get a miraculous medal for myself. As soon as I got home, i did the usual things I do then I got my wallet from my pants to place it where I usually place it, but to my surprise an old looking miraculous medal was placed where I usually put my wallet, and I became very happy since this was again another answered prayer. It is quite puzzling to think of how that medal came to be on that place when in fact I haven't seen 1 in our house for years. And the timing was indeed perfect. I became very happy, for somehow I experienced a miracle and moreso because what I had was a " miraculous medal."

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