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By regconteh
Me and my husband been married for 1year 8months but since we gott married no peace in my home no understand, my husband have too much temper, he never agree to what i say he just want me to do the listen, he dose not eat my food. we don't sleep on one bed and he don't even speake to me.

i want a prayer for peace financeial brake through, and i need an internationsl job.

Please pray for us to God for his devin blessings and i want God to thought him so that he can be a good father and a responsible husband.
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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Praying for you and your husband. Hail Mary ...
By Ritacheryl
Will keep you and your husband in prayer.
By marylover
praying for you and your husband
By ananta
How do my husband and I relocate out of state with two small children and a home to sell? We had this planned for a couple years and we tried to sell the house two years ago when I was pregnant, took it off to have the baby, tried to sell it again then I got pregnant again, took it off the market and need to try to sell it again. Is there an easier way to sell a house, or rent or something? My husband has a job with the USPS so he will transfer, no worries on the job front. Any advice would be appreciated...
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