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By Ritacheryl
I thank and praise Our Heavenly Father, Our Blessed Lord, Our Holy Spirit and Our Blessed Mother for protecting and helping my daughter in her struggles of late. Just when it seemed that things are getting worse, she has rallied and is working towards building her life again.
Please continue to watch over her dearest Mother and all you angels and saints please intercede for her at the throne of Our Heavenly Father.
Lord by Your death and resurrection You have set her free, You are the Saviour of the World. Please cure all those who suffer like this
By bmarie
Great news! Prayers continue.
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By Francis86
Thanks and praise to you Heavenly Father!
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By Susanne
Wonderful news, Ritacheryl!
Still praying...

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By Mt. Carmel
Been away for a few days, got your PM, Rita - still praying that she will learn acceptance of the situation and positively 'move on'.
God bless you all.

Peace and Love.

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