Tell us about prayers you've had answered.

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By Gael
Just thought I would share with everyone what happened my sister some of you know she is 8 months pregnant and has a little baby 1 year old, and naturally I ask my friend Padre Pio everyday to keep them safe and well.

She went shopping to a small town nearby today and suddenly a terrible smell started in the car as she was driving was so bad she could hardly breath, and smelt like a dead animal. It was still there when she got home so her father in law looked at the car and found nothing wrong with it but some blood on the underside...they thought she must have hit a small animal. She said she didnt, and my other sister who is also pregnant was travelling with her confirmed this. They thought the best way to get rid of the smell was to have the underneath of the car cleaned at the garage, which she did. While she was there the man cleaning it noticed a huge bulge in the front was about to burst. He said there was no question if he hadnt seen it it would have exploded as she was driving along, probably causing an accident. When she told my dad he looked at her and said "your very lucky, someone has been praying for you".

:D Isnt it amazing how God sends people to help us when we need it?
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By Shalom
Thank God for the prayer warriors Gael. :D

God bless.
By marylover
wow that is amazing Gael, she is lucky ---especially with Padre behind her. Life is amazing how God protects us.

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