Tell us about prayers you've had answered.

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By dorothyperkins
After a tragic day of massacre in Maguindanao, i whispered in my daily prayers at least one soul who can point the mastermind about this barbaric incident.

and here he goes, yesterday he spoke. how miraculous God is. Not only me who prayed someone might speak but others who prayed as well.

thank u to God and the highest and to the blessed mother.
By baabaas
We always feel very blessed when our prayers get answered Dorothy!

I'm your neighbor over in Cebu but like you also come from outside Philippines we in the Dawn Rosary have been having a great deal of success lately with answered prayers!

By dorothyperkins
ic..nice to know theres someone from PI.

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By Francis86
All Glory and praise to God Almighty. Thankyou :D
prayers for my husband please.

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