Tell us about prayers you've had answered.

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By MLS1984
I just want to praise and thank God for many answered prayers.

A woman at church was having trouble with her son. He's a good boy, but it seems he was losing trust in her. I prayed that God would give me the words and courage to help in some way. I told him about Medjugorje and gave him a book to read. He seemed to be open to it. Thirty minutes after they left, the mother called thanking us for helping - he was already reading the book. It was truly God working and I give all credit to Him.

Also, I've been having nightmares about my brother. For any of you who have read some of my prayer requests, you know the pain and suffering I have gone through in the past 2 years. In this short of a time, my brother has been minutes away from death from drug overdoses (and a suicide attempt), my brother-in-law was murdered by his friend, and my father-in-law was murdered a year later in a robbery. Both murders were acts of pure evil... neither resisted nor fought back. Both were the most peaceful people I've known. The tragedy that has struck our family has only brought us closer to God and given us so much energy to bring love and aid to those in need.

My brother seems to be doing much better. He called me today and I asked him what he wants for Christmas. He said he wants to take the LSAT for law school... I'm so proud of him that he has found the inspiration to go back to school. I have prayed so long and hard for him and my prayers are truly being answered. Last night, I dreamt that he died and in my dream I prayed to God that all would be ok in the world. The holy spirit came to me and filled me with an immense love and joy and I awoke in a state of indescribable happiness.

Praise God for all of my answered prayers!
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By OnASpiritualJourney2
MLS you are an inspiration to all of us. Despite all your losses and hardships, you have kept faith and hope and are passing the Good News onto others. How wonderful to be seeing such good results from your prayers for others. :D Praying for you and all your intentions this Advent and Christmas season.
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By Sheila55
MLS sorry to hear all that happened to you. I can't believe your faith is even growing stronger, you are a strong person. Glad to know your brother is doing better
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By savedbymarie
thank you for sharing.
keeping all this in my heart
thank you
prayers for my husband please.

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