Tell us about prayers you've had answered.

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By bmarie
A while back I mentioned that my uncle, who was on the list for a kidney transplant, had a friend who offered to be a living donor. His friend's kidney was a fairly good match. Before the transplant could be scheduled, however, he got a call over Christmas weekend. They had a kidney from a man about his age from another state who had just died. His kidney was a 6 out of 6 on the compatibility scale (a very good match). There were four or five people ahead of my uncle on the transplant wait list for this kidney, but they were all too sick at the time to undergo a transplant. He got the new kidney this week, and is expected to come home soon--he's doing really well!
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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Bmarie that is wonderful news!!!! Praying for your uncle's continued healing from his surgery and also for the donor and his family. As they grieve their loss, may his selfless gift of life bring them consolation. Also praying for all those awaiting organs.

Hail Mary ...
By marylover
wow--that was a great Christmas gift from Our Lord, thats awesome news.

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